Monday, December 31, 2007

Home Entertainment

Well we went up to Calgary for the day so I could visit my Nanny (Grandma) and the dogs stayed home. Gyp went for a play date to Auntie Amanda's and Jane and Kaleb stayed home and Wendy from Paws on the Run came over to play with them. They all came up on the couch with me and were zonked, it was sooooo cute!

We came home with a home theatre system, so instead of watching a movie last night, I watched Pete set it up, as you can see from the photos, me and dogs were happy to be home and just hand hang out.

Watching Pete put that together was more entertaining than most movies...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jane and her Green Lightbulb

this was a gift from the Paws on the Run, Jane quickly decided it should be hers, she loves this thing!!! It even freshens her breath, it has a minty flavour to it, she loves the way it bounces and she likes to squish it around in her jaws.

her favourite game is when we put a toy in the laundry basket for her, its a big game to her, she pretends she can't jump into the basket, then suddenly does, and bolts around the house with it. For an extra challenge we turn the basket upside down, it drives her NUTS, she'll bark and bite at the laundry basket until she is almost at the point of exhaustion, she'll do it as long as we let her. The other dogs don't get it. I guess you have to be a terrier for something like that to amuse you.

janey says thanks to paws on the run for HER Xmas present!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

agility fever ...

so the next six months are planned, if only my everyday life could be this organized ....

Jan 12/13 - Training Troop AAC Trial - Balzac
Jan 19/20 - Kim Collins Outreach

Feb 9/10 - Kim Collins Outreach
Feb 16/17(should be this weekend) - Calgary 
Feb 29 Kathy Keats Seminar

March 7, 8 & 9 - Keirsten Lloyd Obedience & Agility Seminar at GDG
March 15 / 16 - Training Troop AAC Trial - Balzac

April 26 / 27 - Pawz N Effect AAC Trial - Balzac

Terry Simons Seminar
Obedience - Medicine Hat - hopefully I'll enter K in CDX
Long weekend - Flashing Canines AAC Trial - Medicine Hat

Hunt Tests and maybe WCI in Saskatoon
AAC Regionals June 27 - 29!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

me tired and my arse hurts

i've been working since 7am, finished at 11 last night, and i've been off my chair for a total of 15 minutes since 7. it is now 2, i think i need a break, my brain hurts and so does my butt! time to go walk the doggies, they haven't moved much either except for the 15 minutes i went and played outside with them. Gyp and Kaleb had a good play after that and now they are pooped!

ok so maybe i am procrastinating now, i guess i should get back to work, or maybe I should scrub my floor, clean the bathroom, wax the car, oh the things i could do not to work right now ...

Another late night tonight of classes, Agility class and teaching until 9 30, work until midnight and repeat as needed.

Two more Xmas parties this week too! Oh ya and I guess I should finish my shopping ...

must have starbucks soon ... :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

virtual herding?

virtual herding?
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gyp loves TV, we have to limit her TV watching as she is a little obsessed, she even has favourite commercials, if she heres that Jeep one with the animals she runs to the TV, agility and moving animals drive her nuts.

Here she is actually following the bull on the screen, the next image, it got to close so she had to tell it off ...

hmmm maybe she could become a herding dog afterall LOL!!!!!!

sort of like herding correspondence, can't you become a Doctor that way nowadays??

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hackles up

hackles up
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The dogs often stop to stare when they hear, or see a critter, usually a deer, I didn't see anything, so I got freaked out, I think they may have known it was coyote. After this photo Jane started barking, which she doesn't do often.

So we high tailed it out of there!

the dynamics of the THREE

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I love all of my dogs dynamics, I've posted photos on flickr regarding the dynamics I deal with. Its never boring in my house, except for right now because the dogs are all sleeping!

I love this photo, pretty much captures the essence of them all, as someone wrote on flickr:

Kaleb: is the big bad wolf
Jane: little red riding hood
Gyp: The brave woodcutter to the rescue came

This has been one of my most popular photos of flickr, so far

38 people call it a favourite
and it was #12 on explore!

Sometimes you just never know what will be a popular photo! Sometimes its these ones, that are not planned and a TRUE moment is captured!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

just kaleb.

just kaleb.
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I've inked my Flickr account to my blog, so when I post a new pic on flickr, I can blog about it too, I'm sooooo 21st century!


Meet the Dogs:
Jane > Dig it > the Jack Russell Terrier
JRTs dig, well they are supposed to, luckily she doesn't dig in my yard, unless I tell her "dig-in-it", then there is no stopping her!

Kaleb > Fetch it > the flat-coated Retriever
Flat-coats fetch, and he fetches everything, if it can be carried in his mouth, it is there.

Gyp (AKA Gyppie) > Herd it > the Border Collie
Border Collies herd, and herd cats, I think that is Gyp's style. Actually she thinks she is a flat-coat most of the time, carrying around anything she can in her mouth, and wanting to play fetch with it!!!