Friday, June 29, 2012

friends with benefits

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Follow the big guy, he will take you to the sheep.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Desicion made. Mostly, sorta, kinda.

So we are for sure going to the FCR Nationals!!! Now to decide about Nanaimo. Nobody has offered to pay for my trip ;) so I'm back to reality and having to decide ... But it's looking like furnishing our living room (my office, 2 additional bathrooms, landscaping shall i go on?) in our new house is overriding going to AAC Nationals. The big move is surprisingly more important ... So much to do and purchase when doubling your square footage. So this is me saying (gulp) officially we are not going to nationals, I'm sad but must go with my gut and what the universe is telling me. For Gyp, there is always next year ...

This will be K's last FCR National most likely ... Let's pretend he is going to live to be 15 and maybe he will see another.

Gyp is young and has been on the Nat podium 3 times ... And I want that again, but not at the cost of running a dog who's heart overrides what her body is telling her. She's been sound, but every couple days or so I swear I see a slight shoulder drop - but I'm hypersensitive to it. And wouldn't I feel like a shithead if she came up lame?She hasn't been on agility equipment yet at all. She will be seeing our rehab Vet again but not until after the entry deadline. Bummed yes, happy yes. And the biggest perk this summer is I get to see my grandparents when we head over to Vancouver Island after the specialty, or they might come to the mainland and stay with my aunt, uncle and cousin Ruby who live in downtown Vancouver on English bay. A great summer!! Even without Agility. Let the fun begin!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

What to do???? Help!

i've been so torn about what to do about Nationals and the Flat-coat National Specialty - they are 2 weeks apart from eachother, and the Specialty happens the weekend after we move to our new house ... Originally doing both was the plan ... But with a new house comes lots if costs.

Will Gyp be good to go for Nats - and do i want to run Kaleb too? i will know in a few weeks, but i have to send my entries in before i know for sure if gyp is 110% sound - so far so good but it's a big investment to go and have to pull her, I was planning to give then June off and start them back in July - with 4 weeks to nationals at that point. But I'm scared I'm rushing her. see, way to complicated .... And she has to do the pre qualifier - a minimum of 4 runs plus her 6 for the weekend.

The Flat-coat National Specialty is in Abbotsford the weekend after we move in (20th weekend).

For Nationals a friend and i would travel together and stay with my grandma and grandpa. gas, ferry, food, entries. no hotel cost while on the island which is the killer.

i am trying to find the cheapest ways to do this. An unlimited source of cash would make my decision an easy one - do it all. But one trip of 12 hours one way and one of 16 within 2 weeks and moving is alot to take in!!!

I really want to go to the Specialty as Kaleb looks wonderful, he is 10 and this could be his last specialty, as next year it will be out east again.

What to do, what to do.... I have to decide this weekend. Help!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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a true sign of a happy Kaleb is the length of his tongue.

i'd say he was pretty happy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sheep, Sangria, and a Herding Title!

I'm a proud mama! Gyp earned her first herding title this weekend "CKC Herding Started". I had made the decision not to go this weekend because she had come up lame at Regionals. But she had been sound for a week and off of meds for 5 days, light exercise was showing nothing. She had acupuncture, chiro, laser and massage (by me) - and was seemingly OK. And she was. Not a miss step or a limp all weekend. This are looking up ...

... Just for fun ...let's take a look back at where she started ...

Gyp at her Herding Instinct Test a three years ago ...
"look Ma I can make sheep jump!"
then we took some lessons with Scott in the round pen ...
more like let's chase the sheep and bite them and build some confidence ...  weeeee!

I'm pretty sure nobody thought we'd ever get anywhere with the herding - and I didn't either, I thought it was just cool to see her instinct and let her have some fun and learn to boss something around - when she wasn't being pouty that is. We would go out and herd every few months, but never really progress much, it was just for fun afterall, and I didn't really have goal.

Then we started going regularly training with Jenny and Louanne, and we had a goal - a CKC Herding Started Trial!! YA let's do it!

This weekend we made our debut along with Amanda and Brit (I'm sure you've seen her weekend results ... seeing as she isn't as much of a Blog slacker like myself).

 Gyp and Brit ready to go ....

Gyp wowed me, she kept a cool head and only had a couple crazy eyed moments ... She qualified in all 4 Trials with scores between 93.5 & 98!! She earned 2 High in Trials, One Reserve High in Trial and 4th place.

 Gyp with her loot ....

Now we hope to get out into the big field and see where we can go with that, and keep up our skills on the farm this summer, and pursue further titles if we can. It's an amazing sport, and I'm so proud of my dog - and so incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had to train with the BEST!!!!! And an extra thanks to Louanne for that killer Sangria and borrowing me those equally killer cowboy boots. Those are on my to buy list!! Did I just say I was buying Cowboy Boots?

Here is a video of her HIT run (98/100)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play!!

Well Gyp has been limp free for a week and off meds for 4 days ... I was sure that when she injured her self 2 weeks ago it would be something very major. She's had acupuncture, laser, chiro massage (by me) and she is recovering fast - like an athlete should. It was thought it could be a major injury, but without the dogs being able to speak all we have to go on is her visible soundless, feel of muscles and flexibility - and all seems good. So I've decided to keep her in the CKC Herding Trial this weekend. She is in no way ready for the intensity of agility, I was planning on giving her the month off (before she injured herself), and that is not changing - still on the fence about Nationals - wait and see is all we can do. The arena course this weekend is small - where she is at her nice pace - a trot (I hope!!) she will be fine - it's the light exercise she has been getting anyway. It's been 3 weeks since she has seen sheep, and 2 weeks on rest with light exercise ... I'm pretty sure she will be amped. She was ready a month ago, so if we do like we've been doing it should be great!! It's my first time in the herding venue and it's safe I day I have a few nervous butterflies. Any day spent with Gyp is a good day, so we are going to enjoy the ride!!!

 Gyppie being good ...
I hope she remembers how ...

And in other news ...
our house is coming right along!!! We move July 13th!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feeling Good

I took K out to the field and fired away ... I took a couple hundred shots and I think I captured his spirit in the 4 minutes ... He is alot of dog and sometimes one photo doesn't cut it :) during this shoot I also lost my precious 50mm lens somewhere in the field. Over the past 2 days kaleb strapped on his SAR vest and searched high and low for it ... But nothing ... This slideshow almost makes up for losing that lens ... I'm not giving up hope though, maybe someone picked it up.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


heart and soul :: 23/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

we're still here ... just not much to blog about, or is it that I don't really feel like blogging - ya, i thinks that's it.

Gyp is doing well, and improving everyday ...
K is crazy as ever.

I'll blog more this week hopefully.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Regionals Results ... Isn't it Ironic, dontcha think?

I really don't feel like writing this post, but at the same time I do. But then again I don't. But I will. Before you read on here are two videos of Gyp and K in Jumpers ... man, they ran great for this run.

The weekend started off like any other: good friends, lots of excitement, some wine and lots of laughs ... the weekend ended the same way actually, it was just the stuff in between that sucked,  and that was amazing and fantastic all at the same time. That's pretty much my weekend - what an odd feeling to be so sad, but so happy at the same time. It is bloody exhausting let me tell you.

Gyp and K were ready to rock this weekend. I decided to run Kaleb even though he had his issues in march with his neck and balance. It's been 2 months since any weirdness and he's been back to normal exercise with nothing but a sound co-ordinated dog. Everyone was on watch - and if they saw anything I didn't he would be pulled immediately. He didn't knock a bar or have a slip all weekend. Gyp was feeling good, sound, happy and cute.

Our first run of the day was AWESOME with both dogs ... that is the above video. I came out of the ring each time more exhilarated than going in, and so happy with our efforts and what was to come.

Our next run was Gamblers and on the third jump Gyp landed funny, went in the tunnel and came out trotting - she does not trot on course. The rest of the run was just OFF but she was trying, but just not with the oooomph and grit she normally has. She did it but I could tell something was up. We got the gamble, came of the line and then I saw the limp. Yep. Just like that. Took her back to the Chiro that looked at her earlier that day and it is what we think is a sprain - like if you jammed yourself (she has since been to our regular Vet and off to our Rehab Vet tomorrow). And that was it for her for the weekend, oh right I have to run Kaleb in 10 minutes. Wipe the tears, suck it up and do the best for my boy. Sometimes I underestimate him - I really shouldn't - this dog amazes me. 10 years old and he's survived Torsion and what ever the hell it was 2 months ago that took away his ability to walk for a day.

So I pulled my shit together and promised my self to do the best I could for him. In return the boy ran his heart out for me. He earned a 1st Place in Standard, a 3rd in Jumpers and Gamblers, and 4th in Jumpers and Gamblers in his division. And at the end of the weekend when it was all said and done, K finished 2nd again in his division this year!!!

I was so proud of him. The compliments I got on him and how good he looked really made me feel good. An email that said "Well I suppose it's nice that Kaleb got to be in the spotlight for once" (thanks SG for that reminder and positive spin on a negative) and he wasn't overshadowed by Gyp and her past 3 years of winning her division. It was all about him and me, and I kind of like that, he was 2 wags away from retiring - he clearly told me he was NOT ready.

Gyp is doing a bit better today - better than Sunday when honestly, she could barely walk, and better than yesterday too - so optimistic me is hopeful she will be well soon.

Anyway ... not the Regionals outcome I expected ... I figured K would be the one being pulled and Gyp would be on the podium ... but this little twist reminds me how precious every moment with them is and to enjoy the ride!!

Thanks to our ENTIRE GDG group for all your support and hugs, helping me out carrying Gyp around, holding dogs, videotaping, especially Amanda who also had a pull Pixel and was there to help ... and miss Jolayne, who was with me through the entire weekend,  sharing tears, laughter and her strength with all of us - i love you guys!!! And congrats to all of our students who ran this weekend - you guys truly ROCK.

I get by with ALOT of help from my friends ...

Friday, June 1, 2012

ready to RUN!

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Gyp, K-man and I are off to the Agility Regional Championships this weekend ... Looks like Gyp is telling me she's ready!

Here's to a great weekend!!