Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Regionals Results ... Isn't it Ironic, dontcha think?

I really don't feel like writing this post, but at the same time I do. But then again I don't. But I will. Before you read on here are two videos of Gyp and K in Jumpers ... man, they ran great for this run.

The weekend started off like any other: good friends, lots of excitement, some wine and lots of laughs ... the weekend ended the same way actually, it was just the stuff in between that sucked,  and that was amazing and fantastic all at the same time. That's pretty much my weekend - what an odd feeling to be so sad, but so happy at the same time. It is bloody exhausting let me tell you.

Gyp and K were ready to rock this weekend. I decided to run Kaleb even though he had his issues in march with his neck and balance. It's been 2 months since any weirdness and he's been back to normal exercise with nothing but a sound co-ordinated dog. Everyone was on watch - and if they saw anything I didn't he would be pulled immediately. He didn't knock a bar or have a slip all weekend. Gyp was feeling good, sound, happy and cute.

Our first run of the day was AWESOME with both dogs ... that is the above video. I came out of the ring each time more exhilarated than going in, and so happy with our efforts and what was to come.

Our next run was Gamblers and on the third jump Gyp landed funny, went in the tunnel and came out trotting - she does not trot on course. The rest of the run was just OFF but she was trying, but just not with the oooomph and grit she normally has. She did it but I could tell something was up. We got the gamble, came of the line and then I saw the limp. Yep. Just like that. Took her back to the Chiro that looked at her earlier that day and it is what we think is a sprain - like if you jammed yourself (she has since been to our regular Vet and off to our Rehab Vet tomorrow). And that was it for her for the weekend, oh right I have to run Kaleb in 10 minutes. Wipe the tears, suck it up and do the best for my boy. Sometimes I underestimate him - I really shouldn't - this dog amazes me. 10 years old and he's survived Torsion and what ever the hell it was 2 months ago that took away his ability to walk for a day.

So I pulled my shit together and promised my self to do the best I could for him. In return the boy ran his heart out for me. He earned a 1st Place in Standard, a 3rd in Jumpers and Gamblers, and 4th in Jumpers and Gamblers in his division. And at the end of the weekend when it was all said and done, K finished 2nd again in his division this year!!!

I was so proud of him. The compliments I got on him and how good he looked really made me feel good. An email that said "Well I suppose it's nice that Kaleb got to be in the spotlight for once" (thanks SG for that reminder and positive spin on a negative) and he wasn't overshadowed by Gyp and her past 3 years of winning her division. It was all about him and me, and I kind of like that, he was 2 wags away from retiring - he clearly told me he was NOT ready.

Gyp is doing a bit better today - better than Sunday when honestly, she could barely walk, and better than yesterday too - so optimistic me is hopeful she will be well soon.

Anyway ... not the Regionals outcome I expected ... I figured K would be the one being pulled and Gyp would be on the podium ... but this little twist reminds me how precious every moment with them is and to enjoy the ride!!

Thanks to our ENTIRE GDG group for all your support and hugs, helping me out carrying Gyp around, holding dogs, videotaping, especially Amanda who also had a pull Pixel and was there to help ... and miss Jolayne, who was with me through the entire weekend,  sharing tears, laughter and her strength with all of us - i love you guys!!! And congrats to all of our students who ran this weekend - you guys truly ROCK.

I get by with ALOT of help from my friends ...


Nicki said...

Congrats on your accomplishments and hope Gyp is better soon.

Diana said...

Wow, what and up and down weekend. Congrats on K's success!!! Sorry about Gyp. I hope every day Gyp feels better.

manymuddypaws said...

We do have a pretty stellar group of people. The support, and friendship is pretty amazing. We sure know how to band together.

And you and I are tough Sarah- we've been through all this before and we know how to plaster a smile on our face long enough until it becomes the real thing (wine helps...a lot.)

Gyp will get better. And tomorrow we'll have a funny blog post about two broke girls. ;)

Jenny Glen said...

I'm so bummed for Gyppy but it will just have to happen for her later.

andrea said...

Huge congrats!

and sadness too - hope Gyp is ok in just a heart beat!