Sunday, June 29, 2008

i spy, with the twinkle in my eye...

i spy, with the twinkle in my eye...
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something that is BLUE.

A hot hot weekend, with no clouds in sight, family, friends, the dogs, and a beer or three.

oh ya, and a sprinkler to run through.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Words of Wisdom

from Happy Bunny .... errr ummm .... Jane

Thursday, June 26, 2008

charge it baby. CHA CHING ....

the look of guilt.

... Kaleb now what have you done.

Who really gives a crap what Kaleb has done, throw frogger DAMMIT. And I mean NOW woman.

Sorry, Amanda, frogger didn't make the Q bin, someone kept stealing him out of the room, out of the suitcase ...

then someone ate his feet off ...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The shoes worked.

Somehow 3 seems to be our lucky number.
3 dogs, 3 days of Agility, 3, 3rd Place ribbons!
And I'm 3x as tired as I should be....

We had our AAC Agility Regionals - National Qualifier this weekend in Edmonton. We needed 350 points to Qualify, and did it .... yay

Me and Jane staying warm and dry

"BACK OFF BITCH, and get your own DAMN ribbons" says Jane
Um Jane, those are Gyp's ribbons, besides, I think Wicca is happy with her own.

Our emotions ran as up and down as the weather - from +30 to +12 and pouring rain, it was a wild weekend.
I have the individual class placements at home, I'll have to get those later

Rowdy Jane - 6" Veterans Class
She ran 5 of 6 Runs clean and gave it her all for me as always! She placed third behind a World Team Dog and a dog with a pink mohawk (as Amanda pointed out) LOL
521 Points, 3rd Place of 11 dogs!

Gyp - 16" Specials Class
Gyp's Regional Debut - I couldn't be prouder of my Gyppie girl!! She was third to a World Team member too. She ran 4 runs clean of 6, and placed 1st in two of them and a Second, two fourths and a fifth!
500 points, 3rd Place of 17 dogs!

Kaleb - 22" Specials Class
Not his greatest weekend ever, as he was feeling under the weather, literally, in the heat, but he ran clean all day Sunday and rocked his last runs and made up for it!!
411 points, 3rd Place of 4 dogs!

Gyp and Kaleb all made it through the first round of Steeplechase on Friday to compete in the finals on Sunday !!!!

Kaleb placed 1st winning the 22" Specials division!

Gyp placed 1st winning the 16" Specials division AND 1st place in 16" combined overall (Specials, Vets and Regular) winning a jump and $$$ to boot!

A huge CONGRATS to Amanda and Wicca for WINNING the 6" Specials Division!! You are a great team, and you hard work has paid off!!! That is one great tri-coloured beotch if I do say so my self!!!!!!

Our Nationals are in Sussex, New Brunswick this August, now we have to decide whether or not to go!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's all in the shoes.

Well we have regionals this weekend, I had to make sure my shoes were fit for running.

Oh shoes please don't fail me now. PRETTY PLEASE.

Kaleb inspects the quality and durability, by rolling on them.


Gyp tugs on them, to test their strength.


Jane makes sure they don't smell... too badly ...


and she checks for critters, just in case. DAMMIT NO CRITTERS.


They are pretty muddy from training in the mud these last sessions.
Gotta wash 'EM.

Gyp and K inspect the hose for water pressure


Gyp gets in the way of doing anything productive while using the hose.


The shoes and the dogs are ready, am I??

Monday, June 16, 2008

an oldy, but a goodie ...

Ramona is Kaleb's mum, we got to visit with her this weekend.

She turned 12 in March. She is just the sweetest dog, and is the matriarch of the kennel.

She was so spunky and cute when kaleb came out of the car, and they took off running together to go the Kennels to see the other dogs, it was really cute!

Ch Prairielight Abrakadabra CDX JH WCI AmWC

Am/Can CH Almanza Wet or Dry at Prairielight CDX WCI JH AmWC
x Ch O'Flanagan Wheel of Fortune CD

Simulated Hunting Experience

The hunting Vegetarian??

This is the only time you will see me holding a gun, and well, it was just a wood cut out!!! I only shoot with a camera. But for the sake of my dog and the Hunt Tests, I'll do just about anything for him!

Kaleb was entered in his first two Junior Hunt Tests this weekend and he qualified in both Tests! It was really fun, the scenarios were all so different for each set up and they really tested what we knew.

I love nothing more than seeing him do what he was bred for, he just loves it!

The following photos are from the tests on my flickr site:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

blame it on the rain.

Little Red Riding Hood, hates the rain.
Not even a cute red coat with a hood will make it better.

A little nostalgia circa 1989 ... gotta love Milli Vanilli, wicked cheeseball song! now you are gonna have this song in your head ALL DAY!

THE BOTTOM LINE: It has been raining cats and dogs for days, Jane is less than impressed.


i hate it. nuff said.

i left my rubber boots outside, they are filed with water, i am a dumbass.

i will brave the rain and take the dogs to the coulees, when my boots are dry inside ....

Jane hates it too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

EXTRA EXTRA! Stars without Makeup!

So Gyp can take a BAD photo, it totally reminds me of a tabloid photo of an over publicized hollywood star or supermodel.

Poor Gyp would be mortified if she knew I posted this!!!

I love her skinny little body under her hair!!! I am glad she has the coat she has or it may look like she isn't fed!!

I guess this photo also illustrates why her nick name is Gyppie-Long-Legs!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Gyp's motto:

Gyp's motto:
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If you want something done right, you've gotta do it your self.

Gyp making a hard weave entry, she really doesn't need me, but since she can't read the numbers (yet), I have to help her out.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Thoughts from the dogs ...

These were sent to us from our friend Lynne, who runs Lucy the Vizsla, I think Ray took most of them, but I think Amanda took some of them too, at the Medicine hat trial on the long weekend

OH Geez it's the teeterYES! the teeter, i love it, i love it, i love it (notice our feet are the same!!)
YES! a JUMP, i love it, i love it, i love it OH Geez its the weaves, get outta my way damn poles!
Bendin' the poles, K-man style.

YES! the weaves, i love it, i love it, i love it, look ma i don't need you seeeeeeeee ya!

PEEK A BOO Gyppie... YES, I got the gamble, did you see ma, did ya??

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Water Dog

Water Dog
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Kaleb has wore down one of his back nails, I trimmed them on Weds, and I think I trimmed one too short - his back nail rarely get trimmed as he wears them down. So this weekend was spent not running around like a complete idiot, a sock, gauze and trying to keep him CALM, I sealed it up with NEW SKIN and that seems to have helped. Oh ya it was fun cleaning off blood droplets on the carpet too!!! Friggin Kaleb, it is healing up well, thank god or dog whichever you believe in.

Less than two weeks until the Hunt Tests, this photo is from last summer on a camping trip, but it pretty much speaks for itself.


I think the title speaks for itself, I thought this would look cool with selective colouring, its actually hard to tell it is because of the black dog and grey rocks - best viewed large