Thursday, December 31, 2009

Girls gone wild!

Gyp and Pixel had a blast playing yesterday ... and as you can see they have different methods of play. Pixel prefers the "teeth-bared-look", while Gyp is a fan of the "lips-wrapped-around-teethies" look ...

sometimes, even the good girls go bad ... Santa's already been here, so who gives a sh*t until 2010.

Gyppie's gonna lose her marbles soon ... here it comes ...

the takedown ...

the smackdown ...

and the finishing move ... the stay down ...

Funny how our dogs interactions remind me of how us humans communicate, isn't it? This reminds me of Amanda and I, on a bad day ... or on a good day, depending on how you look at it ... Happy Birthday Amanda!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Wonderdogs

It is days like this I love winter. Not too cold, fresh snow and beautiful frost covering everything ... and a friend with dogs to walk with.

a great day to run and play ...

a great day to stop, look and listen ...

every corner is a new adventure ...

just don't piss off the Corgi ...

more "good girls gone bad" coming soon ...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy ...everything.

We are back from our Christmas holidays, visiting family and overeating. I still have a few days off so I am going to enjoy just hanging out with Pete and the dogs. I've enjoyed being off my computer/work for 4 days (and I will be back very little until next Monday).

Today is also Gyp's 5th Birthday!!
I wish I would have known her in her first 21 months, I would have loved to have those moments as a puppy with her, but I am so lucky to have gotten her when I did, and to have 3 awesome years with her so far. I cherish every day with her (really, I do).

Happy 5th Birthday Gyppie Girl. (even if you are a Daddy's girl)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Santa's little helper has been a busy girl delivering gifts, she is on the NICE list for sure. Luckily Jane and Kaleb made the nice list this year too .. but it was close.

All the best to everyone and their families, and cheers for a wonderful 2010!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

snow fun!

So someone mentioned that these next photos of Gyp look like she is from the movie Ice Age ...

I think her resemblance to Scrat is uncanny

... the googley eyes, the bulbus nose

... the neurotic twitching ... the non-stop motion

here comes Scrat ....

see it big for the full effect

Kaleb is his own creature however
... not sure they make cartoon characters this crazy?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'tis the season ...

Payback's a Bitch :: Festivus Edition

In the spirit of Festivus ... it's safe to say the dogs are "Airing Their Grievances"

- - - -

Happy Holidays from Jane, Kaleb and Gyppie and me.
All the best to everyone in 2010!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

oh Baby!

Last weekend, my friend and her 11 week old baby visited for the weekend. She was one cute ass little baby, come on how cute is she? But I still have puppy fever, not baby fever ... but this little girl is so good, it's almost tempting ... almost.

The dogs were funny with her and had never been around a baby so small ... Gyp brought her a toy, realized she couldn't throw, and then ingored her the rest of weekend ... Jane figured out babies = diapers and bottled milk, and pretty much sat near her the whole weekend ... Kaleb just wanted to lick her any chance her could. He would get so excited when ever she would coo or laugh but he was very gentle.

I still would prefer a puppy for me though, it's so much easier to put a puppy in a Kennel than a baby.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

it's -30, big deal

... let's play ball!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Better late than never.

I received Gyp's photos from AAC Nationals yesterday! They are spectacular. Both of these are from the Steeplechase FInals. I didn't get any of Kaleb's as he looked like a black blob in his (the sun was behind him). And since both dogs placed in their divisions, we got a free photo as a part of the prize. Since Kaleb's were not great, he gave me a second one of Gyp in place of Kaleb's, which was super nice.

Photos by TTL PHOTO (click each photo to see them bigger)

2009 AAC Nationals, Ottawa Ontario

Here is a photo of Kaleb from Nationals 2008 in New Brunswick, where he placed 7th, one of my favourite photos of him ... and yes, did did touch the yellow. :) ... barely

This gets me thinking, I think I have to write a year in review, what a great year it has been. wow. It boggles my mind what good dogs I have, how did I get so lucky? And I even mean Kaleb too LOL

Thursday, December 10, 2009

All hail the Queen!

I am the Queen. I will always be the Queen. I was born for this job.

This is new my coat that my Grammy bought me from Old Navy. I wear it all day long. It's a little big around the waist, seriously the straps are always too big on the belly, but the colour and fit are great, so I deal. And did I mention it has a corduroy collar and is fleece lined, stylin' isn't it?

THis is MY toy.

Just in case you need a reminder, this is MY toy.

I'm a little embarrassed to show you, but this is my shaved belly from the ultrasound, and my shaved leg from the IVs. You can see I'm looking a little on the thin side too, but my appetite is good, and so is my energy, my mom says I have my spunk back.

Thanks to everyone who gave me get well wishes while I've been sick the past few weeks, and for making my mama feel better too. I'm some some medications that should help me get better, and I get this new food that is sooooo yummy, so ya, life is good!

xoxoxo Her Highness, Queen Jane

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thoughts from the deep freeze.

When it is 30 below zero, I wish my guys would take it upon themselves to entertain each other, rather than me being the source of all the good stuff (but I realize I trained them that way for reason, or maybe they have trained me?) ... it does come in handy, and it is flattering ... but when it's -25 outside as a daily high ... I wish they would burn off steam without me!!

But since that is not the reality ...

this is what - 25 c is looks like. Scary isn't it.

My failed attempt to get them to play without me ...

I didn't bring a "throwing thing" to the park, and since they can't self entertain when I unclip the leash (unless we are in the coulees) ... I took off my mitt to throw for them ... the things we do (i wish i would have thought that through - it was a little wet and cold afterwards ...)

My last thought from the deep freeze ...
there is not a whole lot cuter than dogs in winter boots ...

we lasted about 45 minutes yesterday ... today, round 2.

*NOTE: jane maxes out at -15, and with her shaved belly, YIKES. SO she got to go for 2 car rides which included, a visit to the vet (for a weigh in - make sure she is maintaining her weight, and not losing more), going to grammys house and driving her uncle to school, taking her dad to work and picking him up at 5. She thought that was awesome.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

You've gotta be sh*ttin' me.

My neighbour's Van. You've gotta be sh*ttin' me.

Pete curses "You've gotta be sh*ttin' me."

Jane proclaims ... " You've gotta be sh*ttin' me."

The 3' snow drift in our driveway. You've gotta be sh*ttin' me."

The dogs love this weather (well not Jane), and they want me to play with them.

You've gotta be sh*ttin' me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Long live the Queen!

Jane was really sick last weekend ... she was barfing, diarrhea, she began to not be able to even keep water down, we were really worried. After a clean bill of health 2 weeks ago, we didn't know what was going on.

On Monday around noon I noticed Jane was looking a little yellow and she was very lethargic. By the time I took her to the Vet at 3, she was more yellow - very jaundiced. The whites of her eyes, her ears and belly were a yellowy tinge.

The Vet noticed it right away too. She had taken 2 poops which were essentially yellow slimy bile. We did another blood panel - the liver enzymes that were 6x the normal 2 weeks ago, were ALL off the charts, they had never seen them so high. She got some fluid given under the skin as a quick bit of fluid to help get things moving until morning.

She spent the next day on IV at her vet here in town for 10 hours ... by the end of the day she was a different dog than 24 hours before, almost back to normal! The vets were perplexed, all the more reason for the ultrasound.

So off to the specialist at Western Vet we went yesterday ... Jane had an action packed day .... a 4 hour car ride, a new coat from Old navy (courtesy of her Grammy), a shaved belly and the diagnosis

... a Gall Stone :)

the Vet at Western saw the stone right away on the ultrasound, they think a piece of the stone chipped off - from the looks of it on the ultrasound, causing a blockage in the bile duct - causing her to get yellow and get really sick - just caused everything to back up. the stone could be caused by a problem with her metabolism something else I can't remember right now - a thyroid issue possibly - a cholesterol imbalance. more tests to come, but pretty good news, it is pretty rare in dogs to have a gall stone, and i am glad we got the ultrasound, because that didn't show up on the Xray, her liver looks to be just fine and her kidneys looks good for her age too!

She has to be on antibiotics for a couple weeks, a special diet and a drug called Ursodiol that will help keep the bile flowing and possibly break down the stone in the gall bladder. They are also not too worried about her heart at this time, so I am relieved all round.

Jane sporting her recently shaved belly ... while trying to reach the cookies on the vet's shelf ... her appetite is back, can you tell? She isn't 100% yet, but hopefully she will be soon :)

Long live the Queen!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Brother is watching, and he is a big A$$.

A typical day at the park ... this time with some snow ...
Upon arrival, Jane surveys the perimeter. We are good to go. No dogs in the area.

then each of the dogs each survey the area, and as always big brother is watching ...

he is watching some more ...

can't a girl dig a hole in peace?
big brother is watching ...

Jane lookout!
oh Sh*t, Big Brother is COMING!

It never gets for Kaleb to chase Jane, and it never gets old for me to take photos of it.

Jane has been under the weather for the last few days, this was the last day she was feeling good - on Friday. I hope she is back to her chipper, spunky, bossy self soon.