Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too tired to blog much, I have so much to say ... But I'm too pooped to use up the last of my creative juice - my brain is fried! So I will leave you with another photo of Gyp sleeping ... I'm pretty sure she's counting sheep :)

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hey gyp, it's Friday ... You should be more excited.

... P.s. k is doing good. enjoying the softened food and enjoying the extra pampering :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dive in head first, right?

Yesterday Amanda and I drove 4 hours to play with our dogs, some wiley sheep and met some nice people and good dogs. One might call it Border Collie heaven.

We had a quick lesson in the fine art of penning (which to me is more like an abstract painting, or perhaps something from the Art Deco era ... a colourful, slightly abstract and instinctual experience), it was SUPER FUN!! We had another in getting around a ranch course, and I also saw my little dog take nice outruns the full length of the arena - and mostly listen to her lie downs. I wasn't sure what she'd do (run at their faces), or how she'd react (worried or confident). She kept her quiet Gyppie pace pretty much the whole time - didn't lose her temper and left wanting more, it was a nice feeling.

We SHOULD be able to get around the ranch course we treid with some help from me (we haven't done much in the way of driving)

So why not enter her in the Stockdog Series this weekend they said, Sure I said.

Oh dear, what have I done.

And while I was away having fun ... my boy was at the "dentist" getting a couple teeth out. He broke his premolar behind his canine a few weeks ago, and we've been watching it - but it started bugging him - not wanting to tug with his usual strength and gusto and not wanting to play with a toy, he would put it in his mouth then drop it, licking his leg and licking his chops alot. It was getting more inflamed, rather than better. He had broke the smaller one off behind that one a few years back and it never bothered him. We weren't so lucky this time. He's doing good, and enjoying the soft food he gets to eat!
I gots 2 teef pulled today ('cause I broke 'em and they were buggin' me) and all I got was this lousy bandana.

Monday, November 19, 2012

damn good dog

damn good dog :: 46/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Via Flickr:
Yep. Gyppie got a big juicy steak for supper last night (so did K-man)  She was running in an Obedience Trial all weekend. It was her debut in the "Open Obedience" ring ... and she came home with her CDX title. This little dog of mine is bursting with heart and a whole 'lotta try.
For anyone that REALLY knows Gyp, she is sensitive to the max and her feelings are easily hurt. She's not always the confident dog people seem to think she is. It's been a journey, let me tell you. She has learned to recover and not shutdown through a ton of reinforcement from me, and making EVERYTHING a fun game - she trusts me to keep her safe. Always wants to please, and tries to make the right choices. She's kind of like me - we try to hide when we are worried, but we aren't good liars. I am calm cool and collected with her - my blood pressure didn't even rise in the ring, she calms me and keeps me zen.

She ran in 4 trials - 2 under a woman judge, and 2 under a male judge, who I've trialed under with Kaleb, and I thought he would be soft spoken enough for Gyp to be OK with it, she really wasn't. Her first trial under him was pretty good (slightly spooked, but not bad)  - and literally only put one foot out of place all when she anticipated a dumbbell throw for an NQ - but that round would have been a 191. Her out of sight stays were ROCK solid in all 4 trials - she even fell asleep in a couple of her down stays. Her other scores under the female judge were 190 and 193 - I was THRILLED!! I always struggle with my handling and ring etiquette in Obedience, but we got better as the weekend went on.

It was nice to be able to go home in between trial and "reset" so to speak. That helped us big time. Both of us were able to step back in the ring with no memory of the previous trial, not time to obsess and get nervous. It worked well ... expect for when I nearly missed my run yesterday afternoon!!I also have to thank "The Lumineers" who kept me sane, calm and zen all weekend, their music played in my vehicle to and from the show ... it wasn't a gangster rap or hip hop weekend ... we save that for Agility :)

Her last run under the male judge was a bit of a mess, he had change jingling in his pocket and the show had cleared out and it was super quiet. She actually tried to leave the ring once after heeling. Her heeling got worse, and I actually helped her in the figure 8 and talked to her - I didn't care, I needed to help my dog, and she appreciated it. If she didn't recover at the Drop on Recall I was ready to ask to be excused. Her drop was nice, she did everything I asked. Her action exercises were VERY good and we hardly lost points. My little dog stuck it and out and kept trying for ME, She passed that last leg for her CDX.

I think that is what a team is, what a friendship is, and what can make the canine/human bond so special. We help eachother out. Thank you Gyp for being the most honest, loving and sweet dog I've ever known.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

First times, an addiction and stuff. Mostly about Gyp.

the teacher and the student :: 45/52 

This weekend Aislyn, who is coming up 6 years old, got to run Gyp in her very first Agility run in a competition. Her mom and I were both teary eyed when they came off the course. They ran flawless in that very first run. She also ran Kaleb, and he did pretty good - but alas, wanted his mom when they were coming to the end of the course :) Acey is a very special kid. The two of them are so adorable, it's insane. Gyp is a great teacher. They have been inseparable since Acey was a baby, and Gyp was new to me. It's a true bond ... something you can't fake. Agility world ... watch out!!
Acey, Gyp and judge Deb Rhodes with her Qualifying Ribbon.
Acey and Kaleb
Then it was my turn to run the dogs!!! Gyp rocked. She ran AWESOME Gambles with most points of all the Masters dogs each day (98 and 116). I LOVE gambling, I love the challenge of distance and directionals, add some strategy, and it's the perfect game.. Here is the gamble from Sunday - a tricky one. We got both minis twice and the end gamble was super fun. It's ALL about the timing. She had a Jumpers and Standard Q too. A wicked challenge run ... until she ran past the chute, didn't even see it.


 K was a good boy too. His age (almost 11) is starting to show over running him a full weekend (6 runs) - he still runs with gusto, but it takes longer to make sure he is good and limbered up, and I ended up pulling him from the last run of that day as I felt he was done and I didn't want to push him ... thought in Kaleb stlye he would have happily obliged. The dog has NOTHING to prove, but we still have fun, so we keep playing!
Then Gyp went to her Pet Therapy job on Monday ... she runs in, paws up ... cookie ready from the counter lady. Repeat until cookies run out, or I say ummm, I think that's enough cookies for today.
ALSO ... This weekend Gyp is entering the Open Obedience ring for the first time ... I'm excited to play her in the ring ... must remember to keep those nerves in check, have fun, and remember why I love my little dog. She's also running Scent Hurdle. And K is entered in a couple Rally runs for fun.

Oh and we've been herding a bit when we can ... entering our first Arena class at the Highwood Series GULP. Did I just write that?

We are busy. And I like it that way, keeps me sane and out of trouble (mostly).

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi. Winter.

What's that Gyp? You want a snowblower for Christmas?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When 8 months feels like yesterday.

I really want to get to the day when I can look at pictures of Jane without crying. I'm not there yet. 8 months and I miss her like crazy. I'm so happy I have so many photos of her, sometimes it feels like she's still here, maybe that's why it's so hard. I miss you Janey.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Party like its 1998!!!

Well good 'ol Pleat celebrated his 14th Birthday this past Friday, he was born Nov. 2 1998, and like any nobleman he was served Steak, Pup-cakes, a donut (that he shared) and of course he had candles, balloons and was allowed to eat off the table. He brings my mom soooo much joy, I'm actually a little jealous :) we are so grateful for Scott and Jenny letting him come live out his golden years with my mom. He is so adorable it's insane, he follows her everywhere. I have to say its been great having an old dog around - Pleat has helped me heal, and he has no idea. Nobody guesses he's 14, all if those years as a hard workin' champion have been good to him ... Here is a bit more about Pleat if you are wondering who the heck he is: