Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dive in head first, right?

Yesterday Amanda and I drove 4 hours to play with our dogs, some wiley sheep and met some nice people and good dogs. One might call it Border Collie heaven.

We had a quick lesson in the fine art of penning (which to me is more like an abstract painting, or perhaps something from the Art Deco era ... a colourful, slightly abstract and instinctual experience), it was SUPER FUN!! We had another in getting around a ranch course, and I also saw my little dog take nice outruns the full length of the arena - and mostly listen to her lie downs. I wasn't sure what she'd do (run at their faces), or how she'd react (worried or confident). She kept her quiet Gyppie pace pretty much the whole time - didn't lose her temper and left wanting more, it was a nice feeling.

We SHOULD be able to get around the ranch course we treid with some help from me (we haven't done much in the way of driving)

So why not enter her in the Stockdog Series this weekend they said, Sure I said.

Oh dear, what have I done.

And while I was away having fun ... my boy was at the "dentist" getting a couple teeth out. He broke his premolar behind his canine a few weeks ago, and we've been watching it - but it started bugging him - not wanting to tug with his usual strength and gusto and not wanting to play with a toy, he would put it in his mouth then drop it, licking his leg and licking his chops alot. It was getting more inflamed, rather than better. He had broke the smaller one off behind that one a few years back and it never bothered him. We weren't so lucky this time. He's doing good, and enjoying the soft food he gets to eat!
I gots 2 teef pulled today ('cause I broke 'em and they were buggin' me) and all I got was this lousy bandana.


Collie222 said...

Oh no! We hope you feel better soon!

Tammy Taylor said...

He is too handsome---hope he feels better soon.

And good luck this weekend!