Monday, November 5, 2012

Party like its 1998!!!

Well good 'ol Pleat celebrated his 14th Birthday this past Friday, he was born Nov. 2 1998, and like any nobleman he was served Steak, Pup-cakes, a donut (that he shared) and of course he had candles, balloons and was allowed to eat off the table. He brings my mom soooo much joy, I'm actually a little jealous :) we are so grateful for Scott and Jenny letting him come live out his golden years with my mom. He is so adorable it's insane, he follows her everywhere. I have to say its been great having an old dog around - Pleat has helped me heal, and he has no idea. Nobody guesses he's 14, all if those years as a hard workin' champion have been good to him ... Here is a bit more about Pleat if you are wondering who the heck he is:


onecollie said...

A great thing that Scott & Jenny have done to allow Pleat to stay with your mom.
It is also a great thing your mom has done to allow him to stay, he was put in your lives for many reasons it looks like.
He is still working hard, just in a theraputic way now ♥
Good job Pleat :)

Diana said...

That's so wonderful. I got goose bumps reading it.

Tammy Taylor said...

Just plain beautiful. Happy Birthday handsome!

FoxDog27 said...

Happy Birthday Pleat!