Friday, April 29, 2011

little dogs and the ladeez man

We had a fun outing with a friend and her 4 little dogs - well 3 little dogs and a small Kelpie :)

Kaleb LOVES little dogs. I can totally trust that he will not be an ass - as he can be with large dogs, especially males - growly, postury etc. Yes, I just admitted my dog isn't perfect!! OMG! He even loved Enzo - the little intact male, who doesn't know he has danglies, I am pretty sure.

110% happy :: 17/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

LADIES!!!!! I'm all yours!!!

Little Roush ... how cute is she?

Hi i'm Kaleb.

Hi i'm Kaleb. Can I soak your ears?

Hi i'm Kaleb.

Hi i'm Kaleb, remember me?

MUUUUMMMM! She loves me!!

Hi i'm Kaleb. I'm in love.

Hi i'm Kaleb. I'm going to pee on all your heads in about 3 seconds.

Hi Kaleb!!!

I'm Enzo.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big family, small house ...

THis weekend we hosted Easter for our fam, we had 14 people here for meals, and 8 staying at our place ... it was cozy and there was never a dull moment. I loved every minute of it. The guys drank over 200 beer - that alone is hilarious.

We found a channel called "bunnies in hd" it was a big hit...

Ya and poor Gyp ... When 2 of the bunnies hopped off screen she searched for them behind the tv ... Such a special little girlie ...

Kaleb, Gyp and our house Guest Bowzer ...

the gang. it was such a fun weekend with the fam - 4 days goes way to fast!!

Now it's time to catch up on laundry, and take a truck load of empties to the bottle depot!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gyp: Unleashed.

After 5 months on leash ... the beast has been unleashed!

We did about 10 recalls yesterday from 50 - 100', she LOVED it. I didn't let her run the in the main field, just on the path where the footing is flat and even. Her conditioning is going great, and she is looking stronger than ever.

As you can see she is a little happy about the whole thing ..

The buddies are reunited again!

Now if we could only figure out where the hell Kaleb is running too ...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Her Majesty, Queen Jane.

It's been a journey trying to figure out the perfect meal for her Majesty. We've tried EVERYTHING. Jane never used to be picky - the dog would eat dirt literally. Her disease and the meds cause her to not be hungry, but we've worked around that! We tried everything from crappy canned food - HATED IT, good canned food - NOPE, different kibble - YUCK, I would feed her raw - as she loves it, but it is too hard for her to digest (takes too much energy) ... so one night Pete made Stew and that perked her interest .... so VOILA! We make her own Stew now - simple, pure, natural ingredients and full of ingredients that will help her maintain weight - Jane is a CARB FREAK ... what could be better? Lean beef, Carrots, Potatoes, Whole Wheat Pasta and some cauliflower. She has been eating this for 2 weeks now, and she eats faster than Gyp and Kaleb most meals now, she licks her bowl so clean it could go back in the cupboard.

Jane checks it out for her approval - YEP APPROVED!

Every Royal also needs an official portrait ... here is Jane's. Isn't it gorgeous? It takes me a lot to cry instantly, and I did when I saw this. It is perfect ... the details and the look in her eye are amazing. It was painted by Lisa (Zack's mom) a fellow blogger...Check out her blog and work.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the entertainer

the entertainer :: 15/42, originally uploaded by sarah ....
This past weekend we participated in a Children's festival - our group was amazing!! So many cool tricks and skills from Disc, Obedience, Tricks, Carting, Rally, Freestyle and on and on!

Kaleb used his SAR skills to find coins on the ground, and we did something new and blindfolded him!! It was great! He must have licked a 100 faces that day :)

Amanda tries to cover the "cheaters" eyes!

Blindfolding it is, you cheater!!

Kaleb alerts on the Penny ... blindfolded!

Here's the video...

Gyp took part in Kim and Bosley's carting demo .. she was the injured dog that needed to go to the Vet ... an Oscar worthy performance, I am sure.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

With the good, comes the bad. And I hate that.

Just to start this post out right ...the BEST Air freshener EVAH!!!

I just want one week where everything is sunshine and lollipops, is that too much to ask? Probably, but I'm a dreamer.

3 Vet Visits this week for Jane - she had to have a Lasix injection for fluid build-up, and dropped half a pound in water weight, when I weighed her 48 hours later, CRAZY. She has had Diarrhea and vomiting bile for 3 days, so she is on some more Meds and getting a full blood panel to see how her kidneys and liver are functioning. It's been 7 months of HEAVY meds, and they will begin to take their toll on her little body - it's a catch 22 really. So best case scenario the recent sickness is unrelated. Worst case scenario - her organs are beginning to fail.

One large Shop bill for my Element and my books still need to be done.

But the good, is really good ... really, really good ...
I am doing 3-5km at the bike and getting more resistance each time. I am already feeling stronger, which is crazy. Lunges, squats, step-ups and lots of stretching everyday are already paying off. I'm feeling strong.

Gyp is doing great too ... AND SHE GOT HER CKC PEN #!!! Look out CKC ... here we come!!! I am sooooo excited to get in the Obedience ring with her, our possibilities are now endless!

Jane sold another photo - I was contacted by an Ad Agency in the US who wants to use a photo for packaging :) very exciting!!! She can pay for another month of meds!! YIPEE!!

I've been working on an AWESOME trick for K at the Children's festival ... could be historical, if it works LOL or a total disaster ...

And one more BIG surprise coming next week ... something I've been looking forward too, and only one other person in the world knows what I am talking about!!! How is that for cryptic (no I'm not preggers).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mr. funny

mr. funny :: 14/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

come on, admit it, you want to play with me.

even when he's not trying to be funny, he's still funny.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


YAY! I was able to take the dogs for a walk today!! It wasn't nearly as long, and I wasn't going even half the speed I would normally do, but 30 minutes was pretty darn good considering where I was even a week ago!

Gyp still has to be on leash, so she doesn't step in areas that are too uneven and risk a set-back, but she is free to run around within the 26' radius :)

Do you ever get the feeling you are being followed??

Kaleb ... he just runs, and runs, and runs.
Where this 9 year old gets his boundless energy from, I'll never know.

More running.

And running ...

It was so nice to get out with dogs today with Pete on his daily walk with the dogs. It was nice change of scenery from me watching the dogs on the Treadmill.

YAY! As long as I am feeling good, I'll be A-OK walking the dogs for short walks. It's easy going to the field and letting K run while Gyp is on leash, because I can focus on how and where I am walking, rather than having to walk both pooches and pay attention.

One more step in getting better!! YAY!!

p.s. Did I mention I am biking at the Gym again? Yippee!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming soon ...

We will be back, oh, yes, we will be back.

Gyp and I both got good news this week. Gyp has been off Agility for 5 months .. and while I've only been off for 3.5 weeks - it seems like 5 months, we both got good news from our various "professionals" that we can be bumping up what we are doing again. YIPPPEEEE!!!!

It's been kind of cool in this journey together. I am as dedicated to getting Gyp back %110 as I am myself. Both of these things keep me motivated to do the best I can for her, and me. I thought our bond couldn't be stronger, but I swear now it is.

We are both getting stronger each day. And while she is on the treadmilll, I do my work out, or work K - yep she can do the TM all by herself now without me jogging beside her, it is awesome.

When I put each dog on the TM, I do their stretches, ball work or Cavelleti's and work on our daily exersizes for the "Recaller's Course", which has been SUPER fun and educational, and the dogs love it, and it keeps all of us moving.

Oh, and Jane is there too - mooching for cookies.

We can get all of our conditioning/training done in about 1 hour - I am the master multi-tasker extraordinaire.

I am beginning to see the sunshine ... and I like it, I really like it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

any time now

Good Advice, originally uploaded by sarah ....

think warm thoughts. think warm thoughts.

i'm so ready for summer.

i met with my surgeon this week, and he said to "giv'er" OK maybe not in those words, but he said the remaining bruising should be gone in the next 3 weeks (it is still really tender). he was happy with how i was doing, and now i just have to practice walking normal. he said do as much as i can within limits if pain and swelling (nothing lateral and no jumping).

and good news i can start biking, and doing more physio. i am now doing squats, lunges and step ups everyday. yay!! i am hopeful in the next couple of weeks ill really start noticing a difference in my regained strength.

come on summer ... i'm ready to show my scars when i wear shorts!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's ...

Mother nature has a sick sense of humour.

april fools :: 13/52


well, atleast i'm stylin'

This past weekend we got a huge dump of snow. it wasn't that cold, just SNOWY! The dogs had a great time playing and rolling in it.

Half of it melted yesterday, so hopefully by Wednesday, it will be a distant memory. Here's hoping.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Earning her keep.

A company that makes high-end, low-run greeting cards contacting me about selling the rights to this photo for their 2011 Christmas Card series. It will be in Museum and Art Gallery Gift Shops across North America.

I was honoured to have her leave her mark. This is one of my all-time favourite photos of Jane.