Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big family, small house ...

THis weekend we hosted Easter for our fam, we had 14 people here for meals, and 8 staying at our place ... it was cozy and there was never a dull moment. I loved every minute of it. The guys drank over 200 beer - that alone is hilarious.

We found a channel called "bunnies in hd" it was a big hit...

Ya and poor Gyp ... When 2 of the bunnies hopped off screen she searched for them behind the tv ... Such a special little girlie ...

Kaleb, Gyp and our house Guest Bowzer ...

the gang. it was such a fun weekend with the fam - 4 days goes way to fast!!

Now it's time to catch up on laundry, and take a truck load of empties to the bottle depot!


Taryn said...

That's some serious beer drinking! No wonder you all had so much fun :-)

Cute picture w/ the TV. I have one dog that is an avid TV watcher and one who doesn't seem to know it exists.

Patty said...

the picture of them watching tv is priceless!

Loretta Mueller said...

Looks like a great time to me!! :)

Nicki said...

I wonder if we have bunnie in HD here? I'd watch that!

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