Friday, August 29, 2008


jerk., originally uploaded by sarah ....

caught in the act.

Kaleb's toy stealing tactics apparently include grabbing Gyp's ear.


I love the he sees me catching him do it, though it didn't phase him, SIGH.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nationals Photos

photos by: CLphotography
2008 AAC National Championships
Sussex, New Brunswick

I wasn't sure if I was going to order my pics or not, so I thought about just getting a couple, but for not much more I got all of the ring photos and the podium ones too, as well as the logo so I can add it in to my photos.

I've been checking my mailbox everyday this week, and they finally came today!!!

These are great agility photos, and I was so impressed with all of their photos, they do a great job, you should check out their website!!

You can see more of them on my flickr site - there are so many good ones, I've just uploaded a few.

sam i am

sam i am, originally uploaded by sarah ....

sam had his very own photo shoot yesterday, he was happy to be the star of the show! he is a very photogenic dog, his uniqueness in personality and colouring shine through in his photos. he is probably the most animated dog i have ever met, and he leaves an impression with everyone he meets, if he wasn't a corgi, I would swear he was part flat-coat :)

I'll be uploading more photos of sammers to my flickr site:

you can learn more about sam on Amanda's blog

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jump Off

Here is the Gold Medal Jump Off of Eric Lamaze and Hickstead .... and for the record, I didn't make this video, or pick the cheesy music.

Gold medal (wink) runs of Wicca, Gyp and Kaleb to come ...

Friday, August 22, 2008

sometimes ...

i just have to squeeze her, she loves it can't you tell ...

"Aww, isn't this little guy cute? I'm gonna hug him and squeeze him and kiss him until his eyes pop out and be such a great friend and... I'll call him George.

...and for some reason he isn't moving. You ok, little guy?

Little guy?"

Thursday, August 21, 2008


OMG, i just watched history!

Eric Lamaze and Hickstead WON individual gold in Show Jumping!!! And a Team Silver!!! No one deserves it more than him he ran 3 clean rounds (including the jump off) in the FASTEST times - Canada's FIRST GOLD in Show Jumping. Such an incredible journey for him.

Know I know how people feel when they watch Hockey, I am so excited I can't even stand it!!!!!!!!
I even taped it off of my camera .... dork, yes. Excited, you don't even know.

I might have even squealed and jumped up and down and started to cry, but I'm not telling.

feed me

um mama, could you please quit watching olympic show jumping and feed me, puuulleaase!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


someone asked me this weekend asked what her name was...

"Gyp" i replied

then he asked "Is her name Gyp because she was "gypped" in size, she looks like she is half a Border Collie"

I replied "I Suppose that could be why, she came with the name"

What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Waterton Fun...

Pete did his Scuba certification in Waterton this weekend, it was a fun trip, we camped with Trent (who was diving too) and Jen, and their dog Tequila, who was a really sweet girl. The dogs had a great time and so did we, while the guys were diving (5 dives in 2 days) we hung out with the dogs and played in the water, toured the town 4 dogs in tow.
"what is this thing for??" Pete did his first dives in a pool, this was their open water testing.

Tequila, isn't she cute?? 
She was a real sweetie and all the dogs (including jane - after a day) liked her.

Out for a stroll at the campground Malibu in hand! They had a great interpretive trail at Waterton Springs Campground (just outside the Park), the Park campgrounds were all booked up, but we spent our days in Waterton.

Gyppie got most of the retrieves this weekend as K was recovering from his stomach illness, by Sunday he was back to a full portion meal (still wetted down). And gross: but no blood in his stool finally by Sunday. Gyp was thrilled with all the swimming she got to do, Kaleb was NOT thrilled will honouring on the shore while I threw for Gyppie all the time.

Gyppie waiting for Pete to come up from his first Dive Friday night. The divers are in the background.

Why dogs should be leashed in Waterton:

It's a BIRD, it's a BOSLEY, nope two bear cubs and their Mama, walked right behind our vehicle (30') at the bay where we were set up for the day during the dives.

And there were about 10 deer that joined us on the beach during the weekend too, all those little Bambi's were so cute!!!!

Now this is fishing., originally uploaded by sarah ....

Shark alert.
Jane jumped up on this log at Waterton Lake to get a closer glimpse of the SHARK in the water, she couldn't quite figure out that the person was riding it, she just wanted it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Garbage Guts and travel stress ...

AKA ... Severe Bacterial Enteritis, that is what Kaleb has.


Kaleb had really bad "runs" Monday and a but Sunday - even somewhat explosive, nice, and we travelled for a good part of the day Monday which was stressful.

I figured he was just tired Tuesday from the flight, so him and Gyp slept most of Tuesday, but when there was no poop to pick up in the yard Weds. AM I got suspicious. Around 1pm yesterday he barfed up what seemed to be his breakfast as well as his supper, a REALLY large amount of food, more than 1 meal.

Normally if he throws up, 10 minutes later he is back to his dork self, not this time.

I called the Vet, that said to make sure it does not get worse, call back in the AM, I made an appt just in case.

He would try to drink water, followed by throwing up, he was really uncomfortable, and would go lay in the pool - drink more water, then barf. He would pace, sit, stand and was really hunched and uncomfortable etc. want in the house, want out of the house. The first thing that came into my mind was bloat or a blockage.

But soon after this, he pooped, it was runny and the last bit was bloody.

I emptied the pool so he couldn't drink any more water. He was not himself. I called the Vet again, and we took him in afterhours around 6pm.

I also thought of Giardia (since K likes to drink water form wherever), the Giardia test has MANY false results, and often they have to take more than a couple samples to get results. This test came back NEGATIVE, but it is not ruled out as of yet.

His blood panel came back GREAT, and he was not dehydrated, but he has a ton of bacteria in his bloody stool, and he has lost around 4 pounds - he is 64 pounds. The vet thinks since Sunday/Monday was the first day of Diarrhea it probably took a few days for the bacteria to accumulate, and he more than likely it got bad due to a compromised immune system from the stress of travel. It could have ben from anything really, he had canned food, but I think it was something else, just a build up of everything. Gyp is fine.

I'm just glad K is OK, he got 2 shots to get his system back to normal - a Zantac shot and one for the Bacteria, and is on pills for week, so that should do the trick!

wow you sure know when your dog is sick, it is scary fro Kaleb not to be chipper. Even Pete was worried when he got home from work, and Pete usually thinks I am just over reacting!!!!

I have a nice relaxing evening with a glass of red wine :)

I think I have travel stress too ...

time to find out how much damage there is to my car today GULP. I still can't believe I hit a coyote, I thought it was a fox, but it was just a small coyote. We were just going over an overpass and veering to the left, and it came out of the ditch from the left, I didn't even have time to hit the brake. I also couldn't stop as we were heading over the overpass, and there was a semi not too far behind, I just hope it didn't suffer, but from the looks of my car, I don't think it even knew what hit it, poor thing.

I hit a deer once, but it lived as it ran into the side of my vehicle and I had slowed down because of one that ran across just before.

I also hit a gopher once, and I cried, silly I know, and if Pete is driving and I am in the car, he tries to avoid them, when I am not in the car, I am pretty sure he tries to hit them ....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Brunswick Highlights

We did so much over the week we were away in New Brunswick, here are some of my favourite highlights, not yet blogged about!!!!
Penny (Boo) and Wayne (Cactus), they are great, and they were staying on our hotel, we hung out lots, ate a couple meals together, benched together and Gyp and Kaleb loved to hang out with Wayne and Penny too.

The banquet was great. Most of Alberta sat together, and we had a great time, eating, drinking and cheering when fellow competitors were called for placements. We had a lesson in how to eat lobster, and I wasn't the only one who was rather grossed out by the whole thing.

LOOK! Amanda ate lobster, sure she almost felt like barfing afterwards, but she tried it, it was a very proud moment for me. haha

Kaleb being called for his placements and overall aggregate was very cool, I honestly have never been as surprised as when they called him for 7th overall. 
"What the F&*k" were the exact words out of my mouth, and many others I am sure :)

Gyppie girl getting 2nd place in Jumpers #2, it was a tough course.
 3rd place in Jumpers #1, 3rd in Standard, 3rd in Gamblers and 6th in Standard still blows my mind. And to top it off placing 5th overall out of 29 dogs, crazy.

Wicca and Amanda placing first in their Standard run, VERY well deserved and a totally awesome run! I screamed like a school girl when they crossed the finish line.

Kaleb flirting with Chopin (a boy ...) and Chelsea all weekend, he sure loves those dogs, and Stephen is his new buddy too!

Kaleb fanning Target with his tail, and on occasion hitting him with it, as Target caught up on his beauty sleep during the awards ceremony. 

Well that is it! 
A great trip full of memories that will last forever. The best national I have been too, friendly, well organized and the atmosphere was so fun, I sometimes forgot we were at a National Event!

Having the dogs do so well .... well, that was just icing on the cake .....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5 is our number!

5 is our number!, originally uploaded by sarah ....

My Gyppie girl, where to I start, I had no idea we would place so well, she is still so green in some ways, its only been a year since we started competing, and this September will be our 2 year anniversary together. I still am in shock.

16" Specials Class
**** 5th Place!!! ****
29 dog class
aggregate score 524.13

She ran 5 clean runs of 6 and placed in each of those classes:

2nd Place Jumpers
3rd Place Gamblers
3rd Place Jumpers
3rd Place Standard
6th Place Standard

She also made the Steeplechase semi-finals and finished her Steeplechase Title too!!!!!

At the final presentations I was not sure what to expect, you never know how other dogs do, I was hoping she would finish top 10 since she had run 5 clean runs, so when they called us for 5th place I was so thrilled and proud of my little girlie.

Lucky number 7

What do I say about K! I am soooooooo proud of him!

22" Specials Class
**** 7th Place!!!!!! ****
23 dog class
aggregate score 465.77

He ran 3 clean runs of 6 and placed in each of those classes:

7th Place in both Standards, and a 9th place in Gamblers!!!

At the final presentations, the 10th place dog was called, and the way I had calculated it, we were behind the score of that dog, so I realized K must have finished 11th or 12th, which I was still REALLY happy with.... I wanted him to beat his regional score, which he did by 55 points!!!!

So you can imagine my SHOCK when they called him for 7th place, I am not a big cryer but I instantly starting crying. It was a great moment for the K-man!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Yes he is a headlock, he REALLY wanted to bolt to the water .... somethings never change.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008


fake fish, crappy kiddie pool and this stupid polka-dot life jacket.
We better get to go fishing for real, or else.

Simulated fishing experience,
not like the real thing ..... who are you kidding.

She wore an ...
... itsy bitsy, teeny weeny pink polka dot jacket?

Jaws in the jaws
Kaleb's interpretation of fishing.


Friday, August 1, 2008

[ Insert Jaws Music Here ]

[ Insert Jaws Music Here ], originally uploaded by sarah ....

It's Jane!

The rumours are true ... she is wearing a pink polka-dot-life jacket ... more to come.

dunh dunh ..... dunh dunh ....

a little Gyp

a little Gyp, originally uploaded by sarah ....

another photo of Gyp sitting on the dock of the bay ...

I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time