Saturday, October 30, 2010


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Happy HELLoween, from Jane and the Hounds of Hell.

We didn't dress up this year, but I wanted to do something fun. I loved telling ghost stories as a kid, you know, with the flashlight under the chin.

Are you arfraid?

43/52 - 52 weeks for dogs

Friday, October 29, 2010

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I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.

- Gilda Radner

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunny side up

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This was taken last week ... when is was 21C ... today is frosty and chilly, Fall is here. I needed to post this photo for my own sanity!

k-man strikes again

I checked the mail yesterday after being gone for a week and I was pleasantly surprised to open envelopes for 5 new Titles for the K-man. I lost count last year at 35 ...

In August and September he earned:
Rally Advanced Title
Expert Silver Jumpers (25 Qualifiers)
Expert Silver Snooker (25 Qualifiers)
Expert Gold Standard (50 Qualifiers)
Gold Award of Merit! (50 Masters Standards, 100 Game Qualifiers)

He is such a fun dog to train, his never-ending persistence and perseverance is what I love most about him, and also what gets him into the most trouble. He's a one of a kind dog, and I love him for it - I have to remind myself of that sometimes :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

there's no place like home :: 42/52

Today Pete and Jane came to visit me on my day off, (Gyp and Kaleb are with me for the week - they come to class with me each day).

It was wonderful day, I miss them alot, but thanks to Skype and my awesome visit with them today, AND my wonderful friends who are hosting me for the week ... I feel closer to home than I am.

Jane enjoyed exploring the acreage today, and we have some great cuddle time, I even practiced my new massage skills on her, and she loved it.

Gyp and Kaleb were pretty excited to see her too ...

3 more days and i'll be home :P

I'm away. I'm back at School!!

I am away for a week, taking a Canine Body Worker Certification Course. Gyp and Kaleb are with me, and they get lots of hands on work - they are the class guinea pigs :) I am loving it, and have enjoyed the intensity of the program, my brain is a sponge and I am soaking up everything I can.

I'm staying with friends at their beautiful Acreage just south of the City. They are so hospitable, and they feed so well as a bonus - it is a great environment to study 2 - 3 hours in the evenings also, the dogs stay here fairly often so they think of it as home too! The hardest part of my day is the 1 hour commute on Deerfoot. Depending on traffic (and accidents) it has taken me anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and fifteen to get there in the morning.

I have the day off today as a Study and rest day, then three more days of classroom work, then a 6 month externship ... I'm looking for a variety of dogs to work on over a few sessions, if anyone is interested let me know - I need a good variety of size and age (I know a few of you have already have your names down)

When the madness ends around 6pm each day ... I miss Pete and Jane.

But thanks to Skype .... they aren't so far away :) Pete and Jane are coming to visit today so I am really excited!

Jane hears me talking then looks at the ceiling and keeps staring upwards - it's is so funny, it's like she is hearing God LOL

Monday, October 18, 2010

deal breaker.

Pete really hates dogs, and I don't think I can take it anymore. :)
Clearly they don't like him either ... especially Gyp.

little muther tugger :: 41/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Jane was feeling super spunky and I brought out a toy for her to play with - she hasn't wanted to play in "full-feisty-mode" in a few weeks since she was diagnosed with CHF, so it was good to see her like that - she is feeling good.

Jane and her dad had a good play session, especially when she started humping his arm - her signature move by the way AKA "Getting Jiggy with it"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dumbbells, Cowboys and Cuddling

Three of my weekend highlights. Dumbbells, Cowboys and Cuddling

Saturday we trained at a new place, and Kaleb was really good in his Open routine - 4 barks in total in his out of site stays. The new place didn't phase him, he was really focused - it's taken a lot of work to get him to walk into a new building and have him focus like that. I feel really good about entering him in the Ring this fall. We have only been in the ring twice for Open - that was in May - then with his GDV we didn't start back training until last weekend at a Fun Match - he scored a 197, and hadn't seen any Open equipment since our trial in May. I don't expect that kind of score for real, but for the first time ever - I am confident and excited about getting in the ring - he is 8.5 and finally matured ... well sort of. We are entered in 3 shows - Red Deer, Lethbridge and the Calgary one day Trial too. Since I am not trailing hard for Agility right now - this is PERFECT timing. I also ran a little Open sequence with Gyp, and man, she is awesome ... to bad we can't apply it, she loves Obedience.

On to the Cowboys ...
Friends of ours came down to do some hunting this weekend (well Erika and I went for a 10km walk, chatted and took photos).

I F*&#ING LOVE HUNTING!, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Kaleb is amazing in the field, nothing like seeing that boy do was he was bred for. He makes me tired just watching him. For 4 full hours, the dog didn't really stop. No birds - he flushed a few, but the BOOM BOOM didn't take them down. He also flushed a bunny :) lucky for us, he has never chased after game.

Then we ran into the cowboys - actually it was our friend who owns the land we were on - al little piece of heaven I might add - Kaleb is so good around horses. He is steady, respectful and takes it all in stride.

Kaleb and the Cowboys, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Cuddling ... Jane and I are in full force cuddling - I am going to miss her so much next week - there will be 6 days I won't be seeing her - it will be tough. Oh and I'll miss Pete too.

A great weekend ... now back to our regular scheduled cuddling.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Agility? What's that?

Dear Diary ....

It's been almost 4 weeks since my guys have done any Agility - well I think we did a few weaves and a teeter for demo in class once - and me for that matter, do I remember how to Serp? They have not had any real downtime pretty much all year - even when I blew my knee I still hobbled around practicing distance - I'm a little intense and determined.

All of my goals were met and then some this year Agility wise - Gyp won Regionals again, place 3rd overall at Nationals, won her Jumpers class, got her Silver etc etc. K-man came back from something I thought he might not overcome - and never run Agility again. He earned his Gold Award of Merit in 2.5 trials back after Surgery - also his Silver Jumpers. Pre-Qual'd in 4 runs at Nationals and placed 19th /58 dogs at Nationals - his fist time back after 9 weeks off. That boy is bloody amazing, and I couldn't ask more from him. I feel odd - almost like a peace with it. I don't feel like training - I have nothing to train for. My dogs are running the best they can and I don't really have anything to fix. I'm done trialing for the year, which is odd, normally I would be running 2 more full trials, that makes me sad too, but I made the choice. We've had no classes this month also, so I feel pretty disconnected from the Agility World as we know it! I am hoping a puppy in the house next year will light my fire again!

Also the looming reality of reconstructing my knee is causing me too almost wean myself off the drug known as Agility. My second consult is booked with the Surgeon ... we'll know more soon.

My last few weeks have been pretty consumed by Spironolactone + Lasix + Fortekor + Vetmedin + taking Jane out 2-4 times a night to pee + washing a lot of towels as she leaks while sleeping - I know you might think that is gross, but that is what Diuretics do.

I've had fun focusing on some more Obedience with K, and we are going to get in the Open Ring this fall, he is also heading out to start hunting again this weekend.

Gyp will be doing her Therapy work starting in November, we have picked our place - an Extendicare for Seniors. I am really looking forward to it. This photo was sent to me from the day of her evaluation - that is the face of a Therapy Dog, if I do say so myself :)

We are also looking at moving - and starting the search for our next house. Large yard for training a must! busy, busy!

AND something very exciting - I'm heading away for a full week and taking a Canine Massage Certification Course - something I am very into. Gyp and Kaleb get to come with me to be subjects. But my excitement is being somewhat hindered with the thought of leaving Jane for a week. Pete is bringing her up for a day so we can hang out. But that will be the hardest of the week I am sure.

Lots on the go with the pooches even without as much Agility!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teepee and Turkey

We started out our weekend with Gyp getting to be an only dog for 24 hours. My mom had a lens replacement surgery in a city 2 hours away, so Gyp came along to be a support for my mom and a cuddler.

Then we met up with Pete who had Jane and Kaleb and we headed off to his mom's house ... an 8 hour round trip.

Here are some weekend highlights .... enjoy.

Gyp at the World's largest Teepee

Note the shiny, flat-laying coat, freshly bathed :)

This little guy was at the Teepee too, he was so adorable!

Thanksgiving preparations underway ....

grammy's 'lil helper :: 40/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Gyppie Face in full effect....

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Yummy stuffed Squash!

Still begging for more ...

Yes I realize no photos of K-man, he was there, really!

Friday, October 8, 2010


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Last weekend Gyp passed her test as a St. John Therapy Dog. She has load of Agility Titles, but this is probably our most practical accomplishment. She has a special way about her, her calm sweet nature draws people in - she can even get people that are scared of dogs to pet her and open up, it's quite an amazing thing to see. I figure she has been great Therapy for me, she would be great at sharing that with others.

It's thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend, and I have lots to be thankful for. It's been a rough year health wise, for me (my damn torn acl and meniscus) and the dogs (Kaleb - Torsion, Jane CHF). I have an amazing support system who happily steps up to help when needed.

I am looking forward to spending the weekend with the whole family, resting, relaxing and enjoying each moment. Bring on the TOFURKEY!

p.s. Jane is doing well, the 4th med we added - another diuretic, really seems to be what she needs to balance everything. It's been a week of normal-for-her breathing and she is happy and calm ... and needs to Pee every 3-4 hours, its like having a puppy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

beauty & brains, it is possible...

Beauty ...

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Brains ... or something? what?

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

the fam.

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