Thursday, October 28, 2010

k-man strikes again

I checked the mail yesterday after being gone for a week and I was pleasantly surprised to open envelopes for 5 new Titles for the K-man. I lost count last year at 35 ...

In August and September he earned:
Rally Advanced Title
Expert Silver Jumpers (25 Qualifiers)
Expert Silver Snooker (25 Qualifiers)
Expert Gold Standard (50 Qualifiers)
Gold Award of Merit! (50 Masters Standards, 100 Game Qualifiers)

He is such a fun dog to train, his never-ending persistence and perseverance is what I love most about him, and also what gets him into the most trouble. He's a one of a kind dog, and I love him for it - I have to remind myself of that sometimes :)

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onecollie said...

what can I say!....WOW !!!!!!