Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm away. I'm back at School!!

I am away for a week, taking a Canine Body Worker Certification Course. Gyp and Kaleb are with me, and they get lots of hands on work - they are the class guinea pigs :) I am loving it, and have enjoyed the intensity of the program, my brain is a sponge and I am soaking up everything I can.

I'm staying with friends at their beautiful Acreage just south of the City. They are so hospitable, and they feed so well as a bonus - it is a great environment to study 2 - 3 hours in the evenings also, the dogs stay here fairly often so they think of it as home too! The hardest part of my day is the 1 hour commute on Deerfoot. Depending on traffic (and accidents) it has taken me anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and fifteen to get there in the morning.

I have the day off today as a Study and rest day, then three more days of classroom work, then a 6 month externship ... I'm looking for a variety of dogs to work on over a few sessions, if anyone is interested let me know - I need a good variety of size and age (I know a few of you have already have your names down)

When the madness ends around 6pm each day ... I miss Pete and Jane.

But thanks to Skype .... they aren't so far away :) Pete and Jane are coming to visit today so I am really excited!

Jane hears me talking then looks at the ceiling and keeps staring upwards - it's is so funny, it's like she is hearing God LOL


Jenilee said...

LOL...Jane is too cute! Very excited for you Sarah, I'm always amazed how sensitive to our dogs physically. Neena says if you'd like to work on a wiggly, vicious border collie...she might be able to help you out;).

onecollie said...

way to go Sarah!!, you want volunteers! you can have Tate or Kort or both!! I'm sure they would love it :))

Jenny Glen said...

Oooh! All my dogs would like to have you work on them. Especially, Lad, Old Bob (who probably has old muscles) and for a size variation, Skid said he could probably sit through a massage.

Deirdre said...

Cricket thinks you would enjoy working on her - the Softest Dog in the World.

Blazingstar said...

Lupine says "yes please"!