Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dumbbells, Cowboys and Cuddling

Three of my weekend highlights. Dumbbells, Cowboys and Cuddling

Saturday we trained at a new place, and Kaleb was really good in his Open routine - 4 barks in total in his out of site stays. The new place didn't phase him, he was really focused - it's taken a lot of work to get him to walk into a new building and have him focus like that. I feel really good about entering him in the Ring this fall. We have only been in the ring twice for Open - that was in May - then with his GDV we didn't start back training until last weekend at a Fun Match - he scored a 197, and hadn't seen any Open equipment since our trial in May. I don't expect that kind of score for real, but for the first time ever - I am confident and excited about getting in the ring - he is 8.5 and finally matured ... well sort of. We are entered in 3 shows - Red Deer, Lethbridge and the Calgary one day Trial too. Since I am not trailing hard for Agility right now - this is PERFECT timing. I also ran a little Open sequence with Gyp, and man, she is awesome ... to bad we can't apply it, she loves Obedience.

On to the Cowboys ...
Friends of ours came down to do some hunting this weekend (well Erika and I went for a 10km walk, chatted and took photos).

I F*&#ING LOVE HUNTING!, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Kaleb is amazing in the field, nothing like seeing that boy do was he was bred for. He makes me tired just watching him. For 4 full hours, the dog didn't really stop. No birds - he flushed a few, but the BOOM BOOM didn't take them down. He also flushed a bunny :) lucky for us, he has never chased after game.

Then we ran into the cowboys - actually it was our friend who owns the land we were on - al little piece of heaven I might add - Kaleb is so good around horses. He is steady, respectful and takes it all in stride.

Kaleb and the Cowboys, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Cuddling ... Jane and I are in full force cuddling - I am going to miss her so much next week - there will be 6 days I won't be seeing her - it will be tough. Oh and I'll miss Pete too.

A great weekend ... now back to our regular scheduled cuddling.

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gussysmom said...

Looks like you had a great weekend Sarah. hope you and Kaleb and Gyp kick some ass next week. Of course you miss Jane more, you can't pick up a phone and call or text Jane every hour; so its always harder to miss the dogs!