Thursday, October 14, 2010

Agility? What's that?

Dear Diary ....

It's been almost 4 weeks since my guys have done any Agility - well I think we did a few weaves and a teeter for demo in class once - and me for that matter, do I remember how to Serp? They have not had any real downtime pretty much all year - even when I blew my knee I still hobbled around practicing distance - I'm a little intense and determined.

All of my goals were met and then some this year Agility wise - Gyp won Regionals again, place 3rd overall at Nationals, won her Jumpers class, got her Silver etc etc. K-man came back from something I thought he might not overcome - and never run Agility again. He earned his Gold Award of Merit in 2.5 trials back after Surgery - also his Silver Jumpers. Pre-Qual'd in 4 runs at Nationals and placed 19th /58 dogs at Nationals - his fist time back after 9 weeks off. That boy is bloody amazing, and I couldn't ask more from him. I feel odd - almost like a peace with it. I don't feel like training - I have nothing to train for. My dogs are running the best they can and I don't really have anything to fix. I'm done trialing for the year, which is odd, normally I would be running 2 more full trials, that makes me sad too, but I made the choice. We've had no classes this month also, so I feel pretty disconnected from the Agility World as we know it! I am hoping a puppy in the house next year will light my fire again!

Also the looming reality of reconstructing my knee is causing me too almost wean myself off the drug known as Agility. My second consult is booked with the Surgeon ... we'll know more soon.

My last few weeks have been pretty consumed by Spironolactone + Lasix + Fortekor + Vetmedin + taking Jane out 2-4 times a night to pee + washing a lot of towels as she leaks while sleeping - I know you might think that is gross, but that is what Diuretics do.

I've had fun focusing on some more Obedience with K, and we are going to get in the Open Ring this fall, he is also heading out to start hunting again this weekend.

Gyp will be doing her Therapy work starting in November, we have picked our place - an Extendicare for Seniors. I am really looking forward to it. This photo was sent to me from the day of her evaluation - that is the face of a Therapy Dog, if I do say so myself :)

We are also looking at moving - and starting the search for our next house. Large yard for training a must! busy, busy!

AND something very exciting - I'm heading away for a full week and taking a Canine Massage Certification Course - something I am very into. Gyp and Kaleb get to come with me to be subjects. But my excitement is being somewhat hindered with the thought of leaving Jane for a week. Pete is bringing her up for a day so we can hang out. But that will be the hardest of the week I am sure.

Lots on the go with the pooches even without as much Agility!

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Judy said...

Talk about versatile....your dogs do it all and love it all....must have something to do with you making it fun. I am glad to see Jane doing so well Good luck at your Dr appt