Saturday, May 31, 2008

circa 1974.

circa 1974.
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What the **** is a Boler??

Friday, May 30, 2008

Burt the Boler ...

Here he is in all his 34 year old glory ....He is named Burt, he belonged to friends of ours, and it was her grandpa's Boler, his name was Burt, so we are keeping the name, it just suits him! I love the contrast between the shiny new Element and the seasoned Boler!! They make a perfect pair!!

We were laughing because Mike couldn't get the door open!!
Me and Kayley, she didn't come with the Boler, isn't she a doll!

Stay tuned for more pics as we begin to to some renos!

Here is a link to Kristy's photset on FLICKR

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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Monday, May 26, 2008

An action packed weekend

We had an action packed weekend in the Crowsnest Pass, Saturday Amanda and I taught a beginner Agility session which was really fun, the dogs and handlers all did really well and hopefully we have peaked some more interest in that area.

Sunday was the Rally-O Sweeps, Lawrence Klassen was the judge, the rules were CKC based. Jane, Kaleb and Gyp were entered in both the Novice and Advanced level, it was Gyp's Rally debut!! There were roughly 20 dogs entered in each level.

Jane came out one top in Novice and Advanced scoring 99 in each time!! Jane just loves Rally, too bad she isn't CKC registrable, perhaps I could pass her off as a Rat Terrier??? She won 60 bucks for her efforts! Wicca was a close second to Jane each time - Jane actually beat her in time (the only time that will happen).

Kaleb and Gyp tied for third in Novice with a score of 98 - Gyp beat him by two seconds so she got third, he got fourth. I was so happy with Gyp, what a great debut! She even won some $$$

Then Came Advanced ....

All off leash, the course was super fun and once again Jane scored 99. Kaleb and Gyp were on there way to a 97 each until I cut a sign off with Gyp and we NQd!!! But again, she was great, and heeled and listened like a pro. I couldn't be happier with her efforts!!!

THEN Kaleb's turn ... the bugger had a total "flat-coat moment", turning to the end of the course on the last sign, he assumed the people chatting and laughing were wanting him to come and greet them - that is not what they wanted - TWEET - NQ!!!!!!

Then we had a fun MIX n MATCH!! We drew other dogs names and had to try our hand at running them!!!

I drew: Baylee - Judy's 11.75 old Golden and Deb's Walker, a gorgeous young German Shepherd.

Baylee is great, I was patient and calm with her as she is older but very willing, we scored a perfect 100!!!! And brought home the LOOT!! It was split between Judy and I, I was very honoured to handle Baylee!!

Then Walker, wow what a NICE dog!!! I think we scored a 98!! And we got second in the sweeps!
My sister Laura is visiting, she is moving from Victoria to Fort McMurray. So she got to come hang out at the dog events over the weekend! SHe even tried Rally and drew KIPPER as her dog, they scored 82!

Pretty dam good for a girl that had never tried rally before and doesn't own a dog!!!

Judy drew Gyp and had a fun time with her!!!

Kim drew Jane!!!! Waht a difference from the Berners! Jane is less than the size of Bosley's head! Kim did great, and Jane had fun too!!!
Then ... there is Kaleb, of course he had to be drawn by the JUDGE! Kaleb is a MAMA's BOY, and sometimes has a hard time listening to other people, especially a stranger, he is smart and tries to push as many buttons as he can, and since he is so sued to the way I handle, the NEW GUY handles differently so K was a little confused!!!
It was really fun to see my guys with other people, we will have to try that more often!!!!!!! SAWHDA did a great job and we all had a fun time!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kickin' it old school!

A 1974 Boler of our own, our little own Egg!!!

Well we still have to get a trailer hitch, pay for it, and pick it up - but it is almost ours!!!!

Our friend's Kristy and Mike upgraded to the 17' er so we bought the 13' er from them, I can't wait to get out and start using it!!!!

Stay tuned for more pics!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Search doggie dog

Kaleb's first career was as a Search Dog.

We looked long and hard for the right 2nd dog. We waited a year for Kaleb, we brought him home at 10 weeks and his training began.

Pete did all the training with him in those first years, the Obedience, the Scent Work and Tracking. If you ever wondered why K loves people so much - beyond the fact that he is a retriever, he was rewarded for finding them!!!!

One month after his second birthday, he was certified with the RCMP CSDA, which is now the Canadian Search Dog Assoc., he was one of the youngest dogs to ever certify.

Pete didn't re-certify for K's second year as he was heading back to school full-time for his Masters Degree, so I took him over to train, and the rest they say is history!!!!!

We used to have a love hate relationship, now I can say it is ALL LOVE, except for when he barking his head of on a gravel road - I still want to strangle him - or bonk him over the head with my purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TITLES and Q's GALORE!!!!!

Gyp is fast, blink and you'll miss her, I loved this photo Amanda took, it totally made me laugh!!!!!!

We spent the weekend in Medicine Hat this weekend, and our group brought home 27 Qs!

Kaleb was awesome, I was so happy the heat didn't effect him as much as it has, any hotter and he would not have been a happy flat-coat. I kept him wet almost the whole time - even before I ran him.

It's funny, K needed a Gamble for his ATCHC, and once he got it in February, Kim Collins said to me Gambles will start to come easy for us, and she was right! He has gotten 3 since February!! Like I said he Qd in Masters Gamblers and he Qd in ALL 4 Standards - he now has 22 Masters Standards Qs under his belt!

Gyppie girl was great too, we have so much fun running together, two peas in a pod. Gyp Qd in Masters Gamblers and she got her first Masters Standard Q too, she would have Qd in another one, but a bar fell (her third one ever!!), but she had the fastest time in that class which I was happy about. I had bad snooker plan TWEET. And her Jumpers was awesome - until the last obstacle and I pushed her out to the wrong tunnel entrance - and she had to squeeze between the electric timer stand to get in it, it was rather funny!!!!

I am sunburnt, my knee is swollen and sore and my neck hurts - YEP it was a great weekend!!!!

Kim and Maggie got their Starters Title (SADC)

Lynne and Lucy got their Starters Title (SADC), a Q in Advanced Gamblers, Q in Advanced Jumpers (She now moves to MASTERS!)

Debbie and Stoker brought home 5 Qs! Their Starters Title (VADC), a Q in Advanced Gamblers, debuted in Advanced Standard with a Q, a Q in Starters Snooker AND Starters Jumpers!

Dave and Pearl got their MASTERS Title (MADC) CONGRATS! AND Pearl got her MASTERS Jumpers title (MJDC) at the last trial

Jan and BB got a Q in Masters Jumpers

Judy and Jazmin entered 3 events and she Q in them all!!!! Advanced Gamblers, Advanced Team, and Masters Standard

Amanda and Wicca got a Q in Masters Gamblers and Advanced Snooker (she moves to MASTERS)

Amanda and Boone got a Q in Starters Gamblers

Renne and Biscuit got their Advanced Title (VAADC) and Q in Advanced Snooker!

See some photos here!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bird dawggie dawg

Kaleb is training for his Junior Hunt Tests in June, so we've been out training to get him ready. These photos were taken by our friend Liz, and they are some of my favourite of K.

He looks serious but you can see his eyes smiling.

We still have to do some serious water work before the tests, which are in Saskatoon in mid June. They have one test each day and each test consists of 2 land and 2 water marks, and simulates a real hunting situation, there are decoys, duck calls, I may have to send his from a stool sitting, possibly in cover, and the funniest part of all is I have to carry a "gun", well it is just a wood cut out of a gun, I'll be sure to get a photo of that - THE HUNTING VEGETARIAN - we'll leave the hunting to Pete, I'll just do the training!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

true love

true love
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Gyp loves her dad.

Every night when I go to bed, the three dogs follow me, usually Pete stays up. Gyp quickly leaves the bedroom when she realizes Pete isn't there, she stays with him and cuddles on the couch until he goes to bed.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy 9th-er Jane!

Happy 9th-er Jane!
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Jane turned 9 years old today!

And like every year since she turned 1, she gets her very own kiddie ice cream cone, and like every year, she was very happy to eat it!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Jane!

I can't believe she is 9 where does the time go, she has had many adventures in her 9 years:

She has travelled by plane, east as far as Montreal, and west as far as Tofino on Vancouver Island a few times, and she loves long road trips. She has been trialing in Agility for 6 years and is a seasoned traveller as far as that. She has even jumped the border into Montana for summer holidays. She has been on just about every trip we have taken, she is such a little trooper.

Here's to many more adventures!!!

ATCHC Silver, Rowdy Jane, RL1

Friday, May 9, 2008

107.5 pounds of dog.

Check up day today at the Vets office.

In the BLACK corner weighing in at a lean, mean 67 pounds is Kaleb.
Kaleb's allergies are under control for the most part and all is well! Thought the Vet and his techs had to dry off after the major tongue lashing Kaleb gives. The girl at the front thought I was nuts when I said he was 6!!!! Everyone knows when Kaleb is in the clinic.

In the WHITE corner weighing in at a sturdy 13.5 pounds is Jane.
She'll be 9 in 2 days, and her teeth are in great shape, I always worry about that, she also got her anal glands emptied, which she wasn't thrilled about, but she is very tolerant, she gets cookies you know ... she hears the snap of the latex gloves go on, and it's over ... OK too much info ...

In the TRI-COLOURED corner weighing in at a cool 27 pounds is Gyp!
She has gained 2 pounds in the last 14 months, muscle I would guess, she is a lean, mean midget machine.
The new vet at the clinic came into meet me and the dogs and was surprised that Gyp was a Border Collie. Gyp put her charms on for everyone, and they all loved her as usual. She has a little (what I thought was rotten) tooth on the bottom front, but he said it is no worry, and is just stained.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

the tri-coloured bee-otches

Here are a couple runs of Gyp and Wicca Teams, the first one was their second Advanced Q, and the second was their Masters Debut and first and Q in that one!

We really need to get shirts made! They make a great team don't ya think?


You can see Gyppie watching Wicca the whole time, she even barks at her, but you can't hear it in the video because of the music.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

bird's eye view

bird's eye view
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kaleb a.k.a. "bird dawg" "bird boy" "bird brain" patiently waits as dad heads out to begin throwing.

we are entered in Hunt Tests in June, better get practicin'!

Monday, May 5, 2008


I was packing up my stuff, and the dogs after our 3 day seminar this weekend, Gyp hopped up in the vehicle into the front seat, gave me that cute melty look, curled up in a little ball at stayed there the whole ride home, it was just too cute, I couldn't ask her to go to her kennel, Kaleb was very jealous, but he is the lucky dog who gets to ride behind me in his kennel and gets petted all the way home... besides kaleb can't curl up like that, and he would try to sit on my lap, which would not work so well.

We are very very very tired today. It was a great seminar, as usual. I learned a lot!

5 seminars in 4 months, it seems I have so many notes and handouts I will never get through them all!
Kim Collins x 2, Kathy Keats, Kiersten Lloyd, Terry Simons.

I am done with seminars now until the fall, now I can focus on putting the feedback I have gotten, to good use!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

ready or not, here i come

K, Gyp and me are off to Terry Simons Seminar this weekend, three action packed days of Agility Seminars.

This is my 3rd year going to his seminars, and I always come back having learned so much.

My first seminar with him I got such great feedback for Kaleb that I still use it today, last year was Gyp's first time when we were still just learning basics. What a difference a year makes, I am so excited for this weekend.

- Handling the Front Cross (FC) - PM
Focus will be on improving your timing and execution of the FC. It is recommended that participants have worked with Terry before or are at the advanced/masters level of competition.

- Exercises to Jump By - AM
Open to all dogs currently competing, or are at least 16 months of age that have an understanding of jumping. A series of single jump and multi-jump exercises to help improve your dog's jumping ability and understanding of their job performance.

More Lead Out Pivots (LOP)- PM
Executed in many different manners, this clinic will focus on the idea that the LOP is a stationary FC and should be performed with the same consistency as the FC. We’ll cover the advantages to the LOP, and how they can help your FC work, using practical exercises focusing on LOPs. To get the most out of the LOP, dogs should already have a reliable start line stay, recall, and some lateral distance.

Can You Handle It? - ALL DAY
A one-day workshop for handlers (who have previously taken at least two handling seminars or workshops with Terry) and dogs that are in the masters level of competition.
Focus will be on timing, course strategy, crosses, and why - as well as brief contact and weave performance evaluations. This is not a "fast fix" clinic - you will be tested on your team's performance through exercises and course work.

Here is his website: