Thursday, May 22, 2008

Search doggie dog

Kaleb's first career was as a Search Dog.

We looked long and hard for the right 2nd dog. We waited a year for Kaleb, we brought him home at 10 weeks and his training began.

Pete did all the training with him in those first years, the Obedience, the Scent Work and Tracking. If you ever wondered why K loves people so much - beyond the fact that he is a retriever, he was rewarded for finding them!!!!

One month after his second birthday, he was certified with the RCMP CSDA, which is now the Canadian Search Dog Assoc., he was one of the youngest dogs to ever certify.

Pete didn't re-certify for K's second year as he was heading back to school full-time for his Masters Degree, so I took him over to train, and the rest they say is history!!!!!

We used to have a love hate relationship, now I can say it is ALL LOVE, except for when he barking his head of on a gravel road - I still want to strangle him - or bonk him over the head with my purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!


manymuddypaws said...

oh come on, you know you love him even when he barks....right in your ear.... :o)

Katrin said...

That 1st photo of him is so handsome!