Friday, May 9, 2008

107.5 pounds of dog.

Check up day today at the Vets office.

In the BLACK corner weighing in at a lean, mean 67 pounds is Kaleb.
Kaleb's allergies are under control for the most part and all is well! Thought the Vet and his techs had to dry off after the major tongue lashing Kaleb gives. The girl at the front thought I was nuts when I said he was 6!!!! Everyone knows when Kaleb is in the clinic.

In the WHITE corner weighing in at a sturdy 13.5 pounds is Jane.
She'll be 9 in 2 days, and her teeth are in great shape, I always worry about that, she also got her anal glands emptied, which she wasn't thrilled about, but she is very tolerant, she gets cookies you know ... she hears the snap of the latex gloves go on, and it's over ... OK too much info ...

In the TRI-COLOURED corner weighing in at a cool 27 pounds is Gyp!
She has gained 2 pounds in the last 14 months, muscle I would guess, she is a lean, mean midget machine.
The new vet at the clinic came into meet me and the dogs and was surprised that Gyp was a Border Collie. Gyp put her charms on for everyone, and they all loved her as usual. She has a little (what I thought was rotten) tooth on the bottom front, but he said it is no worry, and is just stained.


manymuddypaws said...

sam says that he and gyp are the same weight. how sad is that- being that he is only 12 inches tall!!! :o)

glad that everyone got a clean bill of health

Paws on the Run said...

I was thinking the same thing about Lacey and Gyp! Although Lacey has about 4 more pounds to catch up....