Monday, May 5, 2008


I was packing up my stuff, and the dogs after our 3 day seminar this weekend, Gyp hopped up in the vehicle into the front seat, gave me that cute melty look, curled up in a little ball at stayed there the whole ride home, it was just too cute, I couldn't ask her to go to her kennel, Kaleb was very jealous, but he is the lucky dog who gets to ride behind me in his kennel and gets petted all the way home... besides kaleb can't curl up like that, and he would try to sit on my lap, which would not work so well.

We are very very very tired today. It was a great seminar, as usual. I learned a lot!

5 seminars in 4 months, it seems I have so many notes and handouts I will never get through them all!
Kim Collins x 2, Kathy Keats, Kiersten Lloyd, Terry Simons.

I am done with seminars now until the fall, now I can focus on putting the feedback I have gotten, to good use!


Urban Smoothie Read said...

5 seminars in 4 months! maybe it time to sort out all the infos that had been cramped in ur head...

manymuddypaws said...

wow...lucky gyppie to get to ride in the front know she was just pretending to sleep don't you??? how much you want to bet she'll try that again ;o)

Katrin said...

Awe, Gyppie. Niche likes to ride that way too. Well actually, he prefers to do it under my feet as *I* am trying to drive, which doesn't work so well, so he's stuck in the back seat with the rest of the guys when I'm driving. But when I stop and get out, he hops in front then curls up there (and scares the living crap out of me since I look in the widow and can't find him until I open the car door and then he crawls out). I'm not sure why he likes it there so much, then again he's a rather odd dog even for a flat coat.