Thursday, May 1, 2008

ready or not, here i come

K, Gyp and me are off to Terry Simons Seminar this weekend, three action packed days of Agility Seminars.

This is my 3rd year going to his seminars, and I always come back having learned so much.

My first seminar with him I got such great feedback for Kaleb that I still use it today, last year was Gyp's first time when we were still just learning basics. What a difference a year makes, I am so excited for this weekend.

- Handling the Front Cross (FC) - PM
Focus will be on improving your timing and execution of the FC. It is recommended that participants have worked with Terry before or are at the advanced/masters level of competition.

- Exercises to Jump By - AM
Open to all dogs currently competing, or are at least 16 months of age that have an understanding of jumping. A series of single jump and multi-jump exercises to help improve your dog's jumping ability and understanding of their job performance.

More Lead Out Pivots (LOP)- PM
Executed in many different manners, this clinic will focus on the idea that the LOP is a stationary FC and should be performed with the same consistency as the FC. We’ll cover the advantages to the LOP, and how they can help your FC work, using practical exercises focusing on LOPs. To get the most out of the LOP, dogs should already have a reliable start line stay, recall, and some lateral distance.

Can You Handle It? - ALL DAY
A one-day workshop for handlers (who have previously taken at least two handling seminars or workshops with Terry) and dogs that are in the masters level of competition.
Focus will be on timing, course strategy, crosses, and why - as well as brief contact and weave performance evaluations. This is not a "fast fix" clinic - you will be tested on your team's performance through exercises and course work.

Here is his website:

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manymuddypaws said...

I'm so jealous...but my holiday was worth it! Besides, I know you'll bring back lots of information and new torturous exercises!!!