Wednesday, April 30, 2008

party animal

party animal
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On Friday night we hosted a party for Blazingstar, and the guests of honour, Pipit and Tinbie had a great time mingling and greeting all of their friends.

As you can see Tinbie thinks partying is the best thing ever, he was more than happy to wear his party hat and show it off to everyone!

More Party Pics on FLICKR!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

every Agility weekend should have a silver lining ...

(the day Jane came home, June 23, 1999)
Our weekend agility news, I'll start backwards ...
Jane ran in 7 classes, she Q's in 6 of them, she needed 5 Q's for her Silver Award of Merit, which is 25 Masters Standards and 50 Masters Games. She also finished her STEEPLECHASE TITLE VMSCDC! I wasn't expecting to get these titles this weekend, I would have thought we would get them at our trial, but wow I was surprised with how well she ran, she did get tired by the end of the weekend - she will be nine in 2 weeks, but she gave it all she had and I have so much fun running her. She was running with in time for Mini dogs, even though now she is a Mini-Veteran, she was 12 - 14 seconds under Vet time, which I was thrilled about.

She Q' in: Masters Gamblers, Masters Standard 1 & 2, Steeplechase 1 & 2, and Masters Jumpers. AND her SILVER AWARD OF MERIT!!

My bitsy boy Kaleb, had a great weekend too! Susan worked on him first thing Saturday, and she noticed that since he had been off for a while because of his cut pad, that leg had weakened a bit because he wasn't able to put full weight on it for 2 - 3 weeks, even though he never once limped. She said he was fine he just wasn't extending his rear left leg as much in an extended trot, so we did lots of extended trots for warm up and cool down, and with her other adjustments, it really made a difference!

He ran great all weekend, and came home with 3 Q's, Masters Team, Steeplechase, and Masters Jumpers. No bars knocked, and he was really extending over those jumps and giving it between obstacles too, very happy with his effort!!

Then there is Gyppie Girl, she is not to overshadowed this weekend. What do I even say about her, this little dog has so much heart. Gyp came home with 4 Masters Qs this weekend.

Steeplechase, Masters Team (the tri-colour bee-otches rule!!) Q - their debut!, Master Snooker - one of only 5 dogs in Masters to Q.

And my proudest Gyppie moment of the weekend was her Masters Jumpers run. It was fast, smooth and I tried to run the tightest line possible to gain time, something that I have had to really learn with Kaleb to keep him under time, because he is not the fastest dog out there, but I have managed to knock seconds of his time now in Masters. So apply the same strategy to Gyp, its just that she is faster to begin with, so if I can tighten lines, then her times are that much better.

This diagram explains that, the pink line is the line I ran, I ran the first two as a threadle (AKA pull through), then wrapped tight to the tire, which was a bit of a harder approach, and opened up the off couse dummy jump a bit.

The blue line was another option people ran, a PUSH through, or a PULL through, then instead of coming in tight around the standard, most dogs went around the back side of the last jump before the tire, to set that line nicer, but also a the potential to have a wider line. That was the only really tricky part on course, and I guess that was the area that you could make up time with tight lines - on which ever path you chose to run, depending on your dog and what you think they would handle better.

This is the only difference I can find why ....
27.41 Gyp's time / 42 standard course time
I still can't believe it, what a great way to top off the weekend.

So now I have three pooped dogs, and one pooped handler! I ran 24 runs this weekend, so needless to say every muscle in my body hurts!!!!

AND our group did FANTASTIC!!!!!
Go Dog Go! Dogs brought home 26 Qs!!

Maggie brought home 3Qs (2 Starters Standards, 1 Team Q with Tag!)
Tag 1Q (Team Q with Maggie)
Stoker 3Qs (2 Starters Standards, and Starters Gamblers Q)
Wicca 2Qs (Masters Team, Advanced Snooker :) )
Boone 1Q YAY (Starters Jumpers Q - the fastest time!)
Lucy 1Q (Advanced Jumpers - 1st and Q!!)
Pearl 1 Q (Masters Jumpers Q)
BB 1 Q ( Masters Jumpers Q)
Jane 6 Qs (Masters: Gamblers, Standard x 2, Steeplechase x 2, Jumpers - SILVER AWARD OF MERIT)
Gyp 4Qs (Masters: Steeplechase, Team, Snooker, Jumpers)
Kaleb 3Qs (Masters: Steeplechase, Team, Jumpers)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

white on white, Jane the snow dog.

Jane hates the snow. Well actually she does like it sometimes: when the sun is shining and it is relatively warm, then she is all over it. Digging in the snow is a close second to fishing.

Where's waldo? I guess I mean Jane?

She is sure critters live in there ...

Jane is 11.25 inches tall, the snow was taller than her, for a minute she was actually completely covered in the tunnel she was digging.

Of course Gyp and K like the snow, and they like tracking it in all over the house as well, I thought we were done will snowball-feet!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

man enough to wear pink.

man enough to wear pink.
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Breast Cancer affects many families, mine included.

My closest cousin who is only 26 is beginning treatment next week. She is strong, brave and positive through this. Her diagnosis is really positive, but it will be a long road ahead.

Today, I bought all the dogs the PINK collars in support of her, including Kaleb.

He is man enough to wear pink.

Monday, April 14, 2008

i smell fresh mountain air ...

i smell fresh mountain air ...
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Kaleb in his element ...

Kalebs new 'thing' is to have his head sticking out of the crate in the new vehicle (we got the Honda Elelment!!), he gets to ride right behind us in his soft crate, usually his whole head is out, but this is equally cute!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

gone fishin'

gone fishin'
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Today was a great day, we headed to the Crowsnest Pass, the dogs got to see snow again (I forgot the higher elevations STILL have snow) but the temperature was +19 celcius, (65F?)

The nicest day of year so far, it was just what I needed to recharge.

We saw lots of wildlife: Moose, Elk, Deer, Elk, Grouse (which Kaleb found for us) and lots of Hawks, Geese and many other birds!!

We saw fish too - but they stayed in the water today :) ... much to Jane and Pete's dismay! There is only 7km open to fish on the Crowsnest right now, and it is only catch and release.

more photos to come ....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Best in FCRSA US Specialty Show: Blazingstar Pipit

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Liz and the Blazingstar dogs had an amazing specialty in Oregon

Pipit took it all home, I am still in shock, this is just the best thing to happen ever!!!! I am pretty sure there were over 300 dogs entered.

2008 FCRSA National Specialty:
Winners Bitch
Best of Winners
Best of Breed

:: Ch Blazingstar Pipit WC ::

Tinbie, took Winners Dog!! from the Bred by Exhibitor Class!!!!

Begbie won his Novice dog class!!!

Amazing, I am sooooooooo proud of them!!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

todays conversation, this time with kids.

"that is alot of dogs"
said the little boy

"yes it is"
I said

"how many dogs do you have"
said the little girl

"I have three"
I said

"are all of those yours"
replies the little boy

"yes they are"
I said

"it must be hard to take care of three dogs"
said the little boy

... this coming from the little boy and girl playing catch three feet from 26th Ave (a very busy road) ...

"why three?" he said

... "because two wasn't enough." I said

This is the total "conversation" I had with a guy on the street as a I was jogging with the dogs yesterday, thought it was funny.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

he's back ...

oooh Kaleb .....

he is back and ready to rock, his foot is healing fine, and he should be able to run free - without a boot, do agility AND SWIM hopefully in another week. He can now run all he wants, but the boot is still on, no swimming or agility yet :(

You can see his Red Boot on his back foot, he still has to wear it outside until I am sure the scab and cut are healed.

Monday, April 7, 2008

my three dogs

my three dogs
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chillin' out at the Agility Field, OK so maybe Jane and Gyp were chillin', Kaleb was still rarin' to go, he is now FREE to RUN again - with his bootie on though, I hope in another week it can come off and he'll be able to get back to agility AND swimming - its been three weeks off so far!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Identity Theft.

Identity Theft.
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Her name is Gyp, not Stacey.

A friend of mine came across this profile on Dogster (facebook for dogs), she clicked on it, thinking, "that dog looks like Gyp", so as she scrolled down the page, she realized it didn't look like Gyp, it was Gyp, well atleast all of the photos were of Gyp, and Kaleb and even one of Wicca.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw this, my friend and I both emailed dogster and the page is now down. It is rather humorous.

How do I prevent this from happening again, are there more security features I can use. I really don't mind everyone seeing my photos, I've even seem some on a site that has a breed explanation, and that is fine, it is not being used to make $$ or steal my dogs identity.

I realize Gyp is a rather cute dog :), but please who ever you are taking her photos, please stop.

*** Click on the photo to see it full size in FLICKR, and the other images too

Friday, April 4, 2008

it's just not the same ...

i was sort of bummed that K had to miss out on the first swim of the year, but here are some pics of Gyppie from her adventure at Blazingstar. Poor Gyp, she thinks she is flat-coat ...

Kalebs pad is doing really well, I trimmed up his feet today the hair between his toes was sooooo long! Hopefully another week or two and he'll be swimmin' too!

Look ma' I have prick ears!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

National Rankings!

I was surprised to get 2 National Ranking certificates from APDT Rally yesterday!

Kaleb is #7 all breed in Canada, #1 FCR in Canada

Jane is # 11 all breed in Canada, #1 JRT in Canada

Pretty good considering they did 3 runs all of last year, but Kaleb had a High In Trial with a perfect score of 210, and a 205.

Jane had a 209, and two level two scores of 201 and 191.

I wish there were more Rally trials for APDT in our area, since I have 2 non-CKC registered dogs, and I like APDT Rally for its challenges, we'll just have to see if more comes to our area. CARO is also an option, but there are even less trials for CARO in our area!

The number one dog in the USA, is you guessed it - a Flat-coat.

a rare sighting

a rare sighting
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*No flat-coats were harmed in the making of this photo.

The flat-coats of Blazingstar were enjoying the last bit of snow left from a long winter. Pipit, Tally and Begbie just couldn't get enough of it. Can you see the family resemblance ...

They were welcoming to their non-flat-coat friend Gyp who spent a couple hours with them yesterday, swimming, running and rounding up all of the toys they could.

I also helped Liz video and took some photos, she is get the dogs ready for the US Specialty next week, it was a fun afternoon.

K couldn't go because of his foot, it just wasn't the same without him, and Jane didn't come, that is not her idea of fun. 5 flat-coats, mud and a cold river are not her idea of fun!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

purdy girls

I love this photo of the tri-coloured bee-otches, as we affectionately have nick-named them...

and a cute one of Gyp, the prancy pony ...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tough and Wimpy a ramble ...

Jane is a wimp. She rarely hurts herself, but when she does like this week doing agility, she lets me know, and she is DONE. She has a red scrape and a bit of a bruise on her thigh, but the next day was running around like normal. But since she is rarely hurt, I freak out and worry like crazy because I think she is going to die because she has a scrape.

Kaleb is tough as nails. He cut his pad 10 days ago and didn't wimper, cry or even limp once during this. He hasn't once tried to take his sock off. I don't worry half as much and his injury was much worse than Jane's, I guess I just know that he can take it, but he could easily be in pain he just doesn't show it.

Kaleb hasn't been in the car since last weekend when we went to Sask., and he is used to going in the car alteast every other day sometimes twice a day, for training or a run, so now he goes randomly into the kennel in the kitchen, in hopes that we are going somewhere, he never voluntarily goes into the crate!! Poor guy, his pad is healing well, but SLOWLY .. another 2 weeks off Agility for sure, so 3 weeks off Agility for Bitzy, he'll be raring to go when we get back at it .... our next trial is at the end of April, now I don't regret not entering the trial this weekend, I would have to pull my entry, so it was meant to be!