Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tough and Wimpy a ramble ...

Jane is a wimp. She rarely hurts herself, but when she does like this week doing agility, she lets me know, and she is DONE. She has a red scrape and a bit of a bruise on her thigh, but the next day was running around like normal. But since she is rarely hurt, I freak out and worry like crazy because I think she is going to die because she has a scrape.

Kaleb is tough as nails. He cut his pad 10 days ago and didn't wimper, cry or even limp once during this. He hasn't once tried to take his sock off. I don't worry half as much and his injury was much worse than Jane's, I guess I just know that he can take it, but he could easily be in pain he just doesn't show it.

Kaleb hasn't been in the car since last weekend when we went to Sask., and he is used to going in the car alteast every other day sometimes twice a day, for training or a run, so now he goes randomly into the kennel in the kitchen, in hopes that we are going somewhere, he never voluntarily goes into the crate!! Poor guy, his pad is healing well, but SLOWLY .. another 2 weeks off Agility for sure, so 3 weeks off Agility for Bitzy, he'll be raring to go when we get back at it .... our next trial is at the end of April, now I don't regret not entering the trial this weekend, I would have to pull my entry, so it was meant to be!

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