Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TITLES and Q's GALORE!!!!!

Gyp is fast, blink and you'll miss her, I loved this photo Amanda took, it totally made me laugh!!!!!!

We spent the weekend in Medicine Hat this weekend, and our group brought home 27 Qs!

Kaleb was awesome, I was so happy the heat didn't effect him as much as it has, any hotter and he would not have been a happy flat-coat. I kept him wet almost the whole time - even before I ran him.

It's funny, K needed a Gamble for his ATCHC, and once he got it in February, Kim Collins said to me Gambles will start to come easy for us, and she was right! He has gotten 3 since February!! Like I said he Qd in Masters Gamblers and he Qd in ALL 4 Standards - he now has 22 Masters Standards Qs under his belt!

Gyppie girl was great too, we have so much fun running together, two peas in a pod. Gyp Qd in Masters Gamblers and she got her first Masters Standard Q too, she would have Qd in another one, but a bar fell (her third one ever!!), but she had the fastest time in that class which I was happy about. I had bad snooker plan TWEET. And her Jumpers was awesome - until the last obstacle and I pushed her out to the wrong tunnel entrance - and she had to squeeze between the electric timer stand to get in it, it was rather funny!!!!

I am sunburnt, my knee is swollen and sore and my neck hurts - YEP it was a great weekend!!!!

Kim and Maggie got their Starters Title (SADC)

Lynne and Lucy got their Starters Title (SADC), a Q in Advanced Gamblers, Q in Advanced Jumpers (She now moves to MASTERS!)

Debbie and Stoker brought home 5 Qs! Their Starters Title (VADC), a Q in Advanced Gamblers, debuted in Advanced Standard with a Q, a Q in Starters Snooker AND Starters Jumpers!

Dave and Pearl got their MASTERS Title (MADC) CONGRATS! AND Pearl got her MASTERS Jumpers title (MJDC) at the last trial

Jan and BB got a Q in Masters Jumpers

Judy and Jazmin entered 3 events and she Q in them all!!!! Advanced Gamblers, Advanced Team, and Masters Standard

Amanda and Wicca got a Q in Masters Gamblers and Advanced Snooker (she moves to MASTERS)

Amanda and Boone got a Q in Starters Gamblers

Renne and Biscuit got their Advanced Title (VAADC) and Q in Advanced Snooker!

See some photos here!

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