Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Brunswick Highlights

We did so much over the week we were away in New Brunswick, here are some of my favourite highlights, not yet blogged about!!!!
Penny (Boo) and Wayne (Cactus), they are great, and they were staying on our hotel, we hung out lots, ate a couple meals together, benched together and Gyp and Kaleb loved to hang out with Wayne and Penny too.

The banquet was great. Most of Alberta sat together, and we had a great time, eating, drinking and cheering when fellow competitors were called for placements. We had a lesson in how to eat lobster, and I wasn't the only one who was rather grossed out by the whole thing.

LOOK! Amanda ate lobster, sure she almost felt like barfing afterwards, but she tried it, it was a very proud moment for me. haha

Kaleb being called for his placements and overall aggregate was very cool, I honestly have never been as surprised as when they called him for 7th overall. 
"What the F&*k" were the exact words out of my mouth, and many others I am sure :)

Gyppie girl getting 2nd place in Jumpers #2, it was a tough course.
 3rd place in Jumpers #1, 3rd in Standard, 3rd in Gamblers and 6th in Standard still blows my mind. And to top it off placing 5th overall out of 29 dogs, crazy.

Wicca and Amanda placing first in their Standard run, VERY well deserved and a totally awesome run! I screamed like a school girl when they crossed the finish line.

Kaleb flirting with Chopin (a boy ...) and Chelsea all weekend, he sure loves those dogs, and Stephen is his new buddy too!

Kaleb fanning Target with his tail, and on occasion hitting him with it, as Target caught up on his beauty sleep during the awards ceremony. 

Well that is it! 
A great trip full of memories that will last forever. The best national I have been too, friendly, well organized and the atmosphere was so fun, I sometimes forgot we were at a National Event!

Having the dogs do so well .... well, that was just icing on the cake .....

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Marcy said...

CONGRATS on the great showing!!!!