Friday, April 29, 2011

little dogs and the ladeez man

We had a fun outing with a friend and her 4 little dogs - well 3 little dogs and a small Kelpie :)

Kaleb LOVES little dogs. I can totally trust that he will not be an ass - as he can be with large dogs, especially males - growly, postury etc. Yes, I just admitted my dog isn't perfect!! OMG! He even loved Enzo - the little intact male, who doesn't know he has danglies, I am pretty sure.

110% happy :: 17/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

LADIES!!!!! I'm all yours!!!

Little Roush ... how cute is she?

Hi i'm Kaleb.

Hi i'm Kaleb. Can I soak your ears?

Hi i'm Kaleb.

Hi i'm Kaleb, remember me?

MUUUUMMMM! She loves me!!

Hi i'm Kaleb. I'm in love.

Hi i'm Kaleb. I'm going to pee on all your heads in about 3 seconds.

Hi Kaleb!!!

I'm Enzo.

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