Thursday, April 14, 2011

With the good, comes the bad. And I hate that.

Just to start this post out right ...the BEST Air freshener EVAH!!!

I just want one week where everything is sunshine and lollipops, is that too much to ask? Probably, but I'm a dreamer.

3 Vet Visits this week for Jane - she had to have a Lasix injection for fluid build-up, and dropped half a pound in water weight, when I weighed her 48 hours later, CRAZY. She has had Diarrhea and vomiting bile for 3 days, so she is on some more Meds and getting a full blood panel to see how her kidneys and liver are functioning. It's been 7 months of HEAVY meds, and they will begin to take their toll on her little body - it's a catch 22 really. So best case scenario the recent sickness is unrelated. Worst case scenario - her organs are beginning to fail.

One large Shop bill for my Element and my books still need to be done.

But the good, is really good ... really, really good ...
I am doing 3-5km at the bike and getting more resistance each time. I am already feeling stronger, which is crazy. Lunges, squats, step-ups and lots of stretching everyday are already paying off. I'm feeling strong.

Gyp is doing great too ... AND SHE GOT HER CKC PEN #!!! Look out CKC ... here we come!!! I am sooooo excited to get in the Obedience ring with her, our possibilities are now endless!

Jane sold another photo - I was contacted by an Ad Agency in the US who wants to use a photo for packaging :) very exciting!!! She can pay for another month of meds!! YIPEE!!

I've been working on an AWESOME trick for K at the Children's festival ... could be historical, if it works LOL or a total disaster ...

And one more BIG surprise coming next week ... something I've been looking forward too, and only one other person in the world knows what I am talking about!!! How is that for cryptic (no I'm not preggers).


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Janer. Fingers crossed it's untwisted.

That's so awesome about gyppie!!! So are ya gonna join our scenthurdle team?!!??? And there are two more weeks of obedience left.

And yay for surprises!!


Diana said...

Sorry about jane. I hope the blood work comes back ok.

marylin said...

I'm sorry to hear about little Jane. How helpless you must feel.
All you can do besides the medical stuff is just love her.

Anonymous said...

That should say unrelated... Lol

Taryn said...

Hope Jane feels better soon!

onecollie said...

poor Jane :(
Yay for you :)
Yay for CKC Pen #'s!!!!
Yay for coming on our scenthurdle team :), right? right ? :) :)

Blazingstar said...

Oh the ups and downs of owning dogs.... Hope Jane is alright and that it's just a small blip.

Excellent news about Gyp's PEN number!! Scent hurdle for sure!! (but I'm not sure that I want to see her on an opposing team, lol!).

Very curious about the secret.....

WigglyZack said...

Sorry to hear Jane isn't doing so well. Hang in there.

Judy said...

I have my fingers crossed for Janes return to good health.
How exciting that Gyp got her PEN will open a whole new world for you and her. I can hardly wait to see the two of you together.
Yes, the good with the bad....thats life.

andrea said...

so sorry to hear about jane .. best thoughts to her and you