Thursday, November 15, 2012

First times, an addiction and stuff. Mostly about Gyp.

the teacher and the student :: 45/52 

This weekend Aislyn, who is coming up 6 years old, got to run Gyp in her very first Agility run in a competition. Her mom and I were both teary eyed when they came off the course. They ran flawless in that very first run. She also ran Kaleb, and he did pretty good - but alas, wanted his mom when they were coming to the end of the course :) Acey is a very special kid. The two of them are so adorable, it's insane. Gyp is a great teacher. They have been inseparable since Acey was a baby, and Gyp was new to me. It's a true bond ... something you can't fake. Agility world ... watch out!!
Acey, Gyp and judge Deb Rhodes with her Qualifying Ribbon.
Acey and Kaleb
Then it was my turn to run the dogs!!! Gyp rocked. She ran AWESOME Gambles with most points of all the Masters dogs each day (98 and 116). I LOVE gambling, I love the challenge of distance and directionals, add some strategy, and it's the perfect game.. Here is the gamble from Sunday - a tricky one. We got both minis twice and the end gamble was super fun. It's ALL about the timing. She had a Jumpers and Standard Q too. A wicked challenge run ... until she ran past the chute, didn't even see it.


 K was a good boy too. His age (almost 11) is starting to show over running him a full weekend (6 runs) - he still runs with gusto, but it takes longer to make sure he is good and limbered up, and I ended up pulling him from the last run of that day as I felt he was done and I didn't want to push him ... thought in Kaleb stlye he would have happily obliged. The dog has NOTHING to prove, but we still have fun, so we keep playing!
Then Gyp went to her Pet Therapy job on Monday ... she runs in, paws up ... cookie ready from the counter lady. Repeat until cookies run out, or I say ummm, I think that's enough cookies for today.
ALSO ... This weekend Gyp is entering the Open Obedience ring for the first time ... I'm excited to play her in the ring ... must remember to keep those nerves in check, have fun, and remember why I love my little dog. She's also running Scent Hurdle. And K is entered in a couple Rally runs for fun.

Oh and we've been herding a bit when we can ... entering our first Arena class at the Highwood Series GULP. Did I just write that?

We are busy. And I like it that way, keeps me sane and out of trouble (mostly).


oddman said...

Not bad for a little BC nobody wanted, huh? Gyp is pure gold. How awesome you found each other.

Sweetpea said...

What a weekend!
Thanks for a stellar post. Grinning now from ear to ear .... dogs, about the best in life there is. Thanks for sharing yours.