Friday, December 11, 2009

Better late than never.

I received Gyp's photos from AAC Nationals yesterday! They are spectacular. Both of these are from the Steeplechase FInals. I didn't get any of Kaleb's as he looked like a black blob in his (the sun was behind him). And since both dogs placed in their divisions, we got a free photo as a part of the prize. Since Kaleb's were not great, he gave me a second one of Gyp in place of Kaleb's, which was super nice.

Photos by TTL PHOTO (click each photo to see them bigger)

2009 AAC Nationals, Ottawa Ontario

Here is a photo of Kaleb from Nationals 2008 in New Brunswick, where he placed 7th, one of my favourite photos of him ... and yes, did did touch the yellow. :) ... barely

This gets me thinking, I think I have to write a year in review, what a great year it has been. wow. It boggles my mind what good dogs I have, how did I get so lucky? And I even mean Kaleb too LOL

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Lindsay said...

Those are awesome pictures!