Sunday, June 1, 2008

Water Dog

Water Dog
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Kaleb has wore down one of his back nails, I trimmed them on Weds, and I think I trimmed one too short - his back nail rarely get trimmed as he wears them down. So this weekend was spent not running around like a complete idiot, a sock, gauze and trying to keep him CALM, I sealed it up with NEW SKIN and that seems to have helped. Oh ya it was fun cleaning off blood droplets on the carpet too!!! Friggin Kaleb, it is healing up well, thank god or dog whichever you believe in.

Less than two weeks until the Hunt Tests, this photo is from last summer on a camping trip, but it pretty much speaks for itself.


I think the title speaks for itself, I thought this would look cool with selective colouring, its actually hard to tell it is because of the black dog and grey rocks - best viewed large

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Deirdre said...

I was giving our animals their "pawicures" this weekend and clipped one of Jetta's back paw nails too short. She wasn't impressed with me either. I was trying to hold a towel to the toe to catch the bleeding (it's hard to do when she is hopping around trying to get away from you) and Craig was wipping off the floors (thank goodness for hardwood!).