Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The shoes worked.

Somehow 3 seems to be our lucky number.
3 dogs, 3 days of Agility, 3, 3rd Place ribbons!
And I'm 3x as tired as I should be....

We had our AAC Agility Regionals - National Qualifier this weekend in Edmonton. We needed 350 points to Qualify, and did it .... yay

Me and Jane staying warm and dry

"BACK OFF BITCH, and get your own DAMN ribbons" says Jane
Um Jane, those are Gyp's ribbons, besides, I think Wicca is happy with her own.

Our emotions ran as up and down as the weather - from +30 to +12 and pouring rain, it was a wild weekend.
I have the individual class placements at home, I'll have to get those later

Rowdy Jane - 6" Veterans Class
She ran 5 of 6 Runs clean and gave it her all for me as always! She placed third behind a World Team Dog and a dog with a pink mohawk (as Amanda pointed out) LOL
521 Points, 3rd Place of 11 dogs!

Gyp - 16" Specials Class
Gyp's Regional Debut - I couldn't be prouder of my Gyppie girl!! She was third to a World Team member too. She ran 4 runs clean of 6, and placed 1st in two of them and a Second, two fourths and a fifth!
500 points, 3rd Place of 17 dogs!

Kaleb - 22" Specials Class
Not his greatest weekend ever, as he was feeling under the weather, literally, in the heat, but he ran clean all day Sunday and rocked his last runs and made up for it!!
411 points, 3rd Place of 4 dogs!

Gyp and Kaleb all made it through the first round of Steeplechase on Friday to compete in the finals on Sunday !!!!

Kaleb placed 1st winning the 22" Specials division!

Gyp placed 1st winning the 16" Specials division AND 1st place in 16" combined overall (Specials, Vets and Regular) winning a jump and $$$ to boot!

A huge CONGRATS to Amanda and Wicca for WINNING the 6" Specials Division!! You are a great team, and you hard work has paid off!!! That is one great tri-coloured beotch if I do say so my self!!!!!!

Our Nationals are in Sussex, New Brunswick this August, now we have to decide whether or not to go!!


Kim said...

Congratulations ! ! ! !

To have all of your dogs qualify for Nationals is so fabulous. Good thing they all tested out your shoes before you left - the shoes got a lot of use this weekend.

My vote is for you all to go to Nationals !!!!!

onecollie said...

Major Congratulations to all 4 of you!!!
Very impressive!!
Good job!

Diana said...

Great job! congradulations. Diana