Friday, June 22, 2012

What to do???? Help!

i've been so torn about what to do about Nationals and the Flat-coat National Specialty - they are 2 weeks apart from eachother, and the Specialty happens the weekend after we move to our new house ... Originally doing both was the plan ... But with a new house comes lots if costs.

Will Gyp be good to go for Nats - and do i want to run Kaleb too? i will know in a few weeks, but i have to send my entries in before i know for sure if gyp is 110% sound - so far so good but it's a big investment to go and have to pull her, I was planning to give then June off and start them back in July - with 4 weeks to nationals at that point. But I'm scared I'm rushing her. see, way to complicated .... And she has to do the pre qualifier - a minimum of 4 runs plus her 6 for the weekend.

The Flat-coat National Specialty is in Abbotsford the weekend after we move in (20th weekend).

For Nationals a friend and i would travel together and stay with my grandma and grandpa. gas, ferry, food, entries. no hotel cost while on the island which is the killer.

i am trying to find the cheapest ways to do this. An unlimited source of cash would make my decision an easy one - do it all. But one trip of 12 hours one way and one of 16 within 2 weeks and moving is alot to take in!!!

I really want to go to the Specialty as Kaleb looks wonderful, he is 10 and this could be his last specialty, as next year it will be out east again.

What to do, what to do.... I have to decide this weekend. Help!!!


onecollie said...

weeellll if it was me, I would definately go to the National with Kaleb!!!
There will always be other Agility Nationals as Gyp is young, & god willing will remain fit, but this might be K's last Flatcoat Nationals :)

Mandy said...

Flat coat nationals!

Of course I'd say that though as I'd really like to go with you =)

onecollie said...

I wanna go toooo !