Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jane and her Green Lightbulb

this was a gift from the Paws on the Run, Jane quickly decided it should be hers, she loves this thing!!! It even freshens her breath, it has a minty flavour to it, she loves the way it bounces and she likes to squish it around in her jaws.

her favourite game is when we put a toy in the laundry basket for her, its a big game to her, she pretends she can't jump into the basket, then suddenly does, and bolts around the house with it. For an extra challenge we turn the basket upside down, it drives her NUTS, she'll bark and bite at the laundry basket until she is almost at the point of exhaustion, she'll do it as long as we let her. The other dogs don't get it. I guess you have to be a terrier for something like that to amuse you.

janey says thanks to paws on the run for HER Xmas present!