Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's the final countdown ...

Well this is it, almost time to go to New Brunswick! 12 days. The part the worries above all else is flying my dogs. Jane is a good traveller, she gets to ride in the cabin with me, but G & K must ride below. I am pretty sure I am not going sleep the day before we go.

I think I will need an extra dose of rescue remedy :) or a shot of whiskey.

Our training has been going really good so that is reassuring, we are ready to play with the big guys! I just have to remember to trust my training and not get intimidated out there running my dogs. I think I have a good handle of my ring nerves now. I just go for it, no holding back. Just a couple more training sessions before we go, and our training sessions have been very thorough with positive results.

Gyp has 30 dogs in her class, in a field with some very seasoned dogs, National winners, world team members etc.

Kaleb has 20 dogs in his class, again a pretty competitive class, I am excited!

Wicca is in a class with 10 dogs in 6" specials, from all over Canada, she'll kick some serious Corgi butt!

It is G and K' first National and it will be a fun trip.

Wicca and Gyp ride together in a Kennel, and Kaleb rides on his own.

We hope to keep our trip up to date on the Go Dog Go blog!!! CHECK IT OUT!

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Paws on the Run said...

Don't worry too much about the pups flying. We flew Coulee at 7 mo. to Ontario and she hopped out of her crate like nothing happened. All yopur dogs are used to their crates, they are all used to new environments and they are all used to a wide variety of weird and wonderful noises...they'll be fine!