Sunday, February 15, 2009


A quick day trip to Calgary for one day of the Calgary Agility AAC Trial ....

Up at 4 am, on the road at 4:30am with my friend Julia and her gang. I was in the ring running my first Jumpers course 7:45am with Gyp, Kaleb followed soon at 7:55am. Wow that is ALOT of stuff before 8am, nothing a little caffeine can't take care of.

G & K had three runs today: Jumpers, Team and Standard. The courses were tough, technical and challenging - but FUN!! The dogs ran 3 for 3 today, I was thrilled!

I went in to the Jumpers ring, and I said to myself "NO second guessing" "Trust my training". I was thrilled with the outcome, this run really felt good with both dogs and I REALLY challenged myself. It was a cool course to watch people run, as there were many different strategies on this course. And the times were so tight with the top dogs which was really cool, there was a second between the fastest dog Piper and around the 10th fastest, Gyp was around 5th fastest in the Masters group. I didn't even walk the course for Kaleb - as I was so caught up in how I was going to run it for Gyp, but K and we pulled off a Q and had a REALLY good time and he had FUN!

Here is Gyps Jumpers run... I've been starting her from a stand, rather than a sit for the last few weeks, this was our first time at a trial, and I was happy with the results.

Our second course was Team, and Gyp and K both ran great, Gyp stuck her dogwalk like there was glue on the end, I was happy, even with her leash taunting her in the box just ahead of the dogwalk. Her team partner had a little bobble (it's Team afterall!) so we didn't Q, but Kaleb Q'd with his little JRT buddy!

The Standard was a really fun course - complete with a 270, serpentine, a few front crosses and some neat approaches to and from contacts. Kaleb ran really good on this course, he gave it and ran well and Qd, it wasn't his best run ever, probably just average. Gyppie was super, again I just went for it, no bobbles, and she was 22 seconds under time.

We were done by 3pm! And home by 6! Unpacked, showered, dogs fed by 7:30.

.... now for nice glass of red wine (or 2), ooooh yaaaaa!


Judy said...

What a spectacular run with Gyp!....and the handler had some cool moves also! Glad Kaleb went 3 out of 3....Yay Kaleb!!!

Amber-Mae said...

Good run Gyp!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer