Friday, February 19, 2010

it's all uphill from here.

It's true. I'm a freak and I obsess about my dogs' health, all for different reasons, for each dog - Jane and her Gall Stone, Kaleb and the fact that he is a Flat-coat, and Gyp and her hips. After Gyp saw Dr. Devall at Western Vet in Calgary today, I will sleep well tonight. Amanda also brought Wicca, you can read about her experience on her blog. Amanda worries about Wicca's front end and back, where as I stress about Gyp's rear. They really are the yin and the yang, our pretty tri-coloured beauties.

I wanted to get a fitness assessment on Gyp to make sure I am doing the right things with her, see if there is more I can do, and have someone who REALLY knows structure, health, rehabilitation, alternative therapy and medicine - Dr. Devall is pretty much the best thing ever.

Gyp makes head turn when she walks in a room, and people generally gush over her sweet demeanor - I'm not just saying that, Amanda even agrees (eyes rolling) LOL. Dr. Devall was impressed with her fitness and structure overall, and how well balanced she looks physically, she has a lot going for her, her size and small bones in a compact body. She commented that she moves a little close in the rear end, but the movement is even. I was concerned with some movement I have seen in the rear and her legs get wide and go close together again after really heavy exercise - only occasionally it shows up, and she summed it up to fatigue because of the close movement, so to make sure she is well cooled down etc. but she didn't seem to heavily concerned by it.

I love that Dr. Devall is obsessed with dog weight, and although Gyp is only 25 pounds and 17.25" tall , and what I would consider THIN and pretty ribby, she say she could be thinner! I was surprised by that, but I will take off that one pound - easy enough to do. Other Vets would say she looks great, even friends of mine say our dogs are anorexic - looks like they will be getting thinner yet. She comes from a sled dog background is likes a dog in a mean lean hard condition.

She checked her super flexible owl neck, front end, all were in great shape and we discussed her hips, which is my big worry, I was really curious and slightly scared as to what she might say, and find. I don't want to do anything to hurt Gyp, and Dr. Devall said Agility was great for her, I'll take that. She made a couple minor adjustments to her lover back and tested the flexion of her legs and hips and applied alot of pressure to the hip area, and afterwards took a full series of measurements - measuring muscle mass and flexion, and she was happy with the muscle she has surrounding and protecting her hips, and as I suspected her left hip is slightly weaker, and sure enough extends about 8 degrees less than the other. And though I do balance disk work and a variety of other rear end exercises as part of our everyday life, she gave me a few new ideas, and to do more ball work specifically for her core and to mix it up as much as possible each day to keep her on her A game. Some more consistent inclined hill work is on the agenda, and walking backwards up inclines too. She recommended a Chris Zink video as well as Debbie Gross Sanders Strengthening video, which I just bought last month, which is cool.

We discussed supplements for Omegas, and she recommends only the 3's and to never mind the 6 & 9s. I've had my guys one Recovery for almost 4 years, and was wanting to try something new, so I wanted her opinion, and I will go with what she has suggested.

Gyp and Wicca ended their day at the spa with an acupuncture treatment, which they both seemed to enjoy.

It was really interesting day, and oddly inspiring and uplifting, and really great to know Gyp is in really good physical shape, and that there is more I can do to help get her even more fit and stay healthy. I will go back in three months fro a follow up and more adjustments if need be.

Looks like Gyp and I will be doing our morning physio exercises together, though I must say, my dog is in much better shaper than I am.

NOTE* yes, Amanda and I discussed blog titles before we posted LOL


Kim said...

Gyppie needs to lose some weight?!? What would Dr.Devall say about my dogs?!? Fatties, fatties is what she would say and my dogs are very lean compared to other Berners. (Although I have noticed Bosley has put on a bit).

Sounds like a very productive trip. Wierd about the Omegas. I always thought you needed all of them, especially the 3s and 6s. Interesting.

onecollie said...

yup, the weight thing! When Dr Devall first saw Tate she said he really needed to gain weight...when she last saw him at the regionals she said, great job, now you have to take some weight off!!! geesh!

Jules said...

Wow! Sounds like a great appointment. I am glad you bow can feel secure about what is going on with Gyp's rear. The worrying and not knowing is worse than anything!

Blazingstar said...

Don't worry Kim, I expect she would say the same thing about my dogs!!! At least i have the excuse that I don't do agility!!

Re Omegas - yes, they need all 3, but they should get lots of 3s and 9s in their food, so I think that's why it's important to supplement with the 6s

Glad to hear that Gyp is in such good shape!

Taryn said...

Weight always seems to be an issue. I'll take Wilson to see his chiro vet or get him a massage after a trial, and I always ask what they think of his weight. Every time it's "If he was my dog, I'd get at least a pound off...." It's pretty easy to do, just tough to maintain when you are being implored by those "eyes" :-)

Love the photo, it's a great juxaposition of the two tris!