Monday, December 12, 2011

She's Golden!

It was our last Agility Trial of the year, well actually day trial ... we ran 3 events. Gyp needed 2 more Standard Qs to earn her Gold Award of Merit in AAC and she did it in style - clocking the Fastest time in the event and he 2nd fastest time in the other Standard, she also brought home the most Gamble points. The Gold Award of Merit in AAC is when a dog earns 50 Masters Standard Qs and 100 Masters Games (out of Jumpers, Gamblers, Snooker, Steeplechase etc). I really loved the idea of earning this Award this year, but Gyp only ran in 4 Trials as she was out 7 months prior, so I was happy to have it happen whenever it came.

I Am very proud of her, and looking back on her trial year - though short, we had a great time. She won her 3rd Regional Championship in a row, her Challenge Title, and her Gold Award of Merit. I am looking forward to 2012 .. here's hoping for more good health and soundness!!

Kaleb ran too - he did awesome in his Gamble - only 7 Masters dogs got it, and he and Gyp were 2 of them. The boy can Gamble that is for sure! His standards were "enthusiastic" but not clean - I am very proud of him this year also. He tries his hardest out there for me, but I do see his age catching up with him - especially in the weave poles - he has slowed down in them and does not bend like he used too, we will take it as it comes, and keep up on his fitness and conditioning - he's been sound his whole life, so here's hoping for many more memorable runs in 2012.

And maybe, just maybe ... there will be a new fuzzy addition in 2012 ...

Here are her 2 standard runs from the weekend - I didn't record the gamble, though I wish I would have, it was a tricky one!


onecollie said...

Nicely done Sarah, Congratulations!!!!!

Judy said...

Congratulations Sarah and Gyp on your GOLD Award of Merit!!!!!!!!!!!...too awesome. I don't think I know anyone else who has that

Ashley said...

Congrats Sarah!!! So exciting for you and Gyp. She looks great out there!