Thursday, March 22, 2012

The mark of greatness and healing

I'm still having days that are sad and I miss Jane, random bursts of crying followed by happy thoughts and memories. All part of the process i guess. Our house is still filled with all the beautiful flowers and a table full of cards. We haven't touched any of her stuff. We decided this weekend we will tackle that together.

I've been getting back to normal things, I trailed agility this weekend with Gyp ... She was beautiful - had the 2nd and third fastest masters times all weekend and brought home 5 qs. (3 standards, challenge and steeplechase).

Kaleb that is another story I will right about when I'm ready, right now I'm not. It's been a rough week with my boy.

Onto greatness ... It's funny how a small gesture can mean so much.

Gyp has been taking herding lessons regularly and we are entered in our first arena trial with ckc this June. Something I NEVER thought would happen. It's a journey.

I am lucky to train with the best trainers around. Jenny, Scott and Louanne are very, very patient with me and my soft little dog that likes to floss her teeth ... and her handler who looks like she is drunk half the time.

I went out this week and I was given my very own stock stick by Jenny handmade by Scott :) he marked it with greatness x2 ... He put the mark of Jane on the side. I got tears, what a nice gesture! I'm such a dork I keep it displayed in my living room. I'm such a city girl. So even when gyp and I are out with the sheep, Jane is there making sure gyp stays in line :)

I have big plans to add my own special touches to the stick ... Stay tuned :)


manymuddypaws said...

it really is super awesome. can't wait to see the bling added!

Ellen said...

I am so sorry to hear of Jane's passing. I have been hit and miss with reading and writing so when I popped on your post I had to scroll back to read what happened.

The loss hits in waves, doesn't it? The little white dog hairs that will be where you thought they wouldn't be anymore, the longing of having her soft head on your shoulder..the faces that she makes, the playing with her pals.

Take care, move forward, remember, laugh, cry and most of all just be in the moment of how you feel.

Happy learning the herding skills! The stock stick reminds me of the staff/stick the blind use, though it looks much longer.

Anonymous said...

how awesome is that...and something to always treasure...lovely


Marylin said...

Glad to see your post, be it a mixture of sadness and other things. Let time do it's thing, it is ultimately the only way to go. I wish you well and want you to know that even all the way over in The Netherlands, Jane is thought of, often!
Marylin x