Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a bunch of random sh*t, from some random things I've been up too.

My new Racing Stripes. Damn you cement pillar. Where did you come from??
Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow ....
Then I bought a trailer. Now we can haul our equipment whenever we need too.
This is a prairie rattler. 43" long. Yes it is that colour. A farmer caught it at the Kid Camp we teach at. I've never been that close to one EEK!
Jo's, Aislyn ran Kaleb for the first time at a Demo this weekend. It was OMG cute and they were amazing!!! Oldest dog (10.5) and youngest handler (5.5), it seriously made me teary. He listened to her better than most adults.

Our yearly photo. Our first photo as a foursome.

It's here!!!!!!! Agility CAMP! I can't believe it is happening, it's something I've always wanted to happen, and it is! I hope it's a great weekend. We've all worked really hard to make this happen!!


Karen said...

Great picture of the four of you! Jane is there in spirit.
I can relate to the racing stripes. Did exactly the same thing with our truck a couple of months ago. Was concentrating on the other pillars, and forgot all about the one right next to my door:(

Diana said...

Sorry about your car. And the snake. Ugh.

dog obedience training classes said...

Rattle snakes can be dangerous, by the way, I wonder what has been done with this snake.

Anke said...
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Anke said...

Pillars, snakes and trailers!
Dangerous life! ;o)

I wish you the very best for your agility camp.