Monday, October 22, 2012

I haven't been much into blogging lately, clearly. Lat time was 17 days, took a pic of Kaleb taking a shit and that was 23 days ago. Hopefully this post makes up for it. In the last 3 weeks I've been to Vancouver, the Island, went to 2 wineries, lots of working, lots of training, welcomed a "new" dog to the family, hanging with friends, drinking wine, tagged along bird hunting with Pete and K, and of course watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad.

I was thinking a few weeks ago - wow I really feel like I am beginning to have a defined picture of who I am, I feel like an adult. Then, squirrel. My life is changing and redefining all the time, and I do like the journey, and I am learning to accept those changes. I've been around lots of family and friends in the last few weeks, and they accept me and my eccentric-ness, ADD and OCD tendencies all wrapped into one hyper, off centre person. But there are times, when I am like who the F am I and what the hell do I stand for. Oh well, I guess I'll figure it out as I go, it's worked thus far.

So instead of doing a bunch of writing - here are more photos, I like pictures.  Hopefully soon, I'll feel like writing more ...

Vancouver ... love this city.
My cousin Ruby and I had an epic sword fight with plastic straws on the Ferry.
Arrrrh Matey!
I loved this Beluga whale session, all about education and operant training. Neat stuff.
Ruby, doing her Penguin imitation at the Van Aquarium
Welcome, my mom's "new" dog Pleat.

Gyp working on her Out of Sight Stays, 2 fun matches on Saturday, and just layed down on one sit -
otherwise he runs were SUPER!! Excited to enter her first Open Trial!
The boy has been hunting ... he's been doing rather well ... Pete loves hunting with him,
and I love seeing K work - nothing better, at all.
Gyp also likes Pheasants ...

Here is Gyp "helping" at class. She is the official Cookie Tester/Moocher of the year. She especially likes Shannon's pumpkin treats! Our outdoor classes are done for the year, and I had a GREAT session on the weekend - just me and the dogs. loved it.
Until next time ... hope less than 23 days next time, who knows!


oddman said...

OMG, you're a Breaking Bad fan too? Yo, awesome, Bitch!


Amanda said...

There is no such thing as too much Breaking Bad ;)

manymuddypaws said...

we like you just the way you are. OCD, and off center. ;)

i think that all the crap that happens really does make us who we are. we can't really focus too much on that sort of thing or craziness ensues.

i think you should wear that orange hoodie more.... and you should probably post a photo of it on your blog. it pretty clearly defines who you are. ;)