Monday, July 15, 2013

Awesome, just freaking awesome.

5 days away, 2400 km, 3 days of agility camp, 8 bottles of wine, a bottle of baileys, great friends, amazing dogs. This trip was one of those times in your life that can change you. I'm so proud of Fitz and so inspired to be a better trainer. He was actually the only puppy at camp - the next youngest dog was 15 months old. He turned 5 months old 10 days ago. Some things were obviously modified for him (it was all foundation work anyway), but the foundation work I've been working so hard had is paying off. I could lead out 15' throw a toy and have him in a stay then send him over the bumps, he is so operant and keen and he excelled at the body awareness stuff. I learned more about controlling his impulses as bettering my own mechanics in training. I have 3 "tasks" given to me by Lynda Orton-Hill for the next 3 weeks and I hope I'm successful with them. I have a whole new set of tools in the handling department that I can't wait to share with my students! Awesome!! He had some bratty puppy moments of course (AKA Fitsz), but it wasn't until the second day that people knew even how young he was. He was able to be crated in the tent and not in the car - he was mostly quiet!!!! Debbie and Sophie who attended also did brilliantly and their course of their journeys have been change forever.

More photos coming soon - here are some Instagram ones :) we are still 8 hours from home and while Debbie drives I thought I'd take the time to post, since I will be too damn tired to do anything when I get home!!

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Jenny Glen said...

I still don't see any pictures of his floaties. If he was at camp, where are his water floaties?