Friday, July 23, 2010

Chillaxin' with the pooches

I am busy training for Nationals and working like crazy and we've had a stream of visitors staying with us over the past week: my sister, friends from Korea, family from Ottawa and more family from Saskatchewan. Not alot of blogging or photo time, I haven't even read any blogs this week at all.

chillaxin' :: 29/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

The dogs are good: Jane's gummy gaps are healing and she is still on anti-biotics. Here is Jane's gummy gap - can you see the gap and the suture starting to come out?

Gyp is training hard for Nationals, and cute as ever. I hope we can keep up the momentum we've been building, she is such a good girl.

Kaleb is back in full gear, such an incredible boy to back training and he is doing amazing. It is just the coolest feeling to be training him again, it feels like a second chance. I am cherishing every moment.

here is a fun story for ya ...

Kaleb is amazing! Last night after training, I couldn't find my iphone. It had fallen out of my pocket - I had a friend call it a few times to see if I could find it in the vehicle or on the ground. NOPE. IDEA! Send in the retired SAR dog! I said 'SEARCH'. Out like a shot from of his kennel, K circles the field like a madman a few times & BANG, alerts, lays down beside my phone. True story, I have a witness :)

Did someone say cookie!?


The Thundering Herd said...

Way to go, Kaleb. Excellent work! Do you also find that elusive missing sock in the dryer?

Judy said...

I am glad Jane is healing and happy. How awesome Kaleb finding your phone...shows SAR is something they don't forget. I bet Gyppie is enjoying every minute of training for Nationals