Monday, July 26, 2010

in the clear

in the clear, originally uploaded by sarah ....

that's my boy. blue skies ahead.

8 weeks after his Torsion K is in the clear. We are heading up the the FCR Specialty this week at Spruce Meadows - nice to only have a 2 hour drive!

Then the following week is the AAC Nationals BACK at Spruce Meadows - lucky us! Kaleb missed Regionals this year because of his surgery. He has been conditioning and back to training and has made an amazing recovery, he hasn't missed a beat. We were accepted for the Nationals Pre-Qualifier, and fingers crossed he makes it that Friday, and then gets to run the main event that weekend (with his little sis Gyp). It feels like a second chance with him, so just having him with me is a win already.


manymuddypaws said...

what a great photo. i like these rare photos where he doesn't look like a psycho. :)

good luck this week!

andrea said...

so pleased for you both :)