Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am the man.

Here is K's pre-qual video, I was so proud of him for Qualifying and running clean in 4 Runs with 410 points, instead of having to run the potential 6 to Qualify to run the rest of the weekend, which was really just icing on the cake!! He ran great all weekend - just a bar down here and there - which is odd for him. I knew 10 runs was alot to ask of him, but in K style he tried his hardest, had a great time, and got rewarded after every run by a dip in the fountain!

I must day though, the morning of the pre-qual .... Kaleb bolted out of the door at Jan & Dave's acreage and would not come in, he was running the around the field with a sock in his mouth bouncing and bounding, I almost left him at home I was so mad!! Luckily he redeeemed himself ...

Whatta boy, I honestly didn't think 9 weeks ago, hell, 6 weeks ago that he would be running, it really was special.

And I got his BOS Specialty Win Photo too this week ... such a handsome lad, I mean Kaleb
... quit gawking at the Mountie would ya! :)

Funny, but this photo was taken where the Jumpers ring was this weekend at Nationals!

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Diana said...

Great runs!! I love the picture! Diana