Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whoopin' it up!

We're performing at our local Fair "Whoop-up Days" this week and the dogs are loving every second of it!

... nothing is better than a Gyppie Hug

... gimme that sheep toy, woman!

Gyp is loving the crowds and meeting all of the kids, and she doesn't mind all the noise - and we are beside the main stage where LOUD bands are playing! I am so happy that she isn't getting really spooked, a wee bit worried the odd time, but just her usual stuff -nothing like at Nationals where she was literally jumping out of her skin ... She still hates the porta potties, but we just walk around them :)

In between set-ups K and I do a Search demo, I ask brave strangers in the Crowd for their Car Keys, I put Kaleb in a stay behind the bleachers, I go out hide the keys in the grass, and release him to "SEARCH" ... he has 100% Success rate so far ... good boy, I don't want to be giving people rides home because he can't find their keys!

Jane even got to come out and do the Demo last night, but I didn't get a photo :(, she had a great time!!

More photos to come!

1 comment:

andrea said...

that's so good for gyp - and you - as you see she can handle the stress hopefully it will help you both in the next nationals like setting

have fun!