Thursday, September 30, 2010

a little of this, and a little of that.

A little update as I've been asked by lots of people how Jane is doing.

Last week her Heart Stress Test Results came back, and her heart is in the mid-advanced Stages of CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) from what they can tell based on the scale they measure from, her blood work however is good meaning she can handle the Meds, and that gives us some hope as far as time is concerned. Back to the Vet earlier this week she had a Blood Pressure Test and ECG, we are still waiting for those results, but her Blood Pressure is so far so good. She does get a little cold in the mornings, so now we just put her little T-shirt on and that seems to help.

UPDATE: ECG Results back Thurs AM. No arrhythmia in Heart, which is he good news. But the heart is taxed like the Stress Test said, beating 190-200 all the time. Prognosis poor.

Because of the Pulmonary Edema (fluid in the lungs), that build up because of the inability of the heart to circulate efficiently through her body she is on Lasix 3xday (water pill). I've had to give her more Lasix on the odd day where her breathing gets really fast and laboured, it is amazing how fast it works to get the fluid out of her, and she feels so much better. But with those reoccurring spells that also tells us things are not completely stable, even with the Meds. She will be adding another diuretic one today, that is slower acting and will bridge the gap of the fast acting Lasix. She is up a minimum of 2 times a night to go out to pee because of it. It's been 3 weeks since I've actually slept through a whole night.

She is on all the Meds she can be to keep her strong and healthy. A regime of 3 - and today to be adding the fourth. It is a good thing she is only 12 pounds, as I couldn't even imagine the cost for even a 30 pound dog. But they seem to be working, and it is good know she can be managed with her disease's progression even though already she is on almost the high doses of all the meds. My Vet is great, he has spent atleast an hour on the phone with me this week, even on Sunday night after hours, it's nice to know they really care about Jane.

She is getting pickier with food ... we've gotten creative ... tripe, brown rice and Sojo's veggies, is one of her favourite meals, and then other times she will gobble down her usual food. She is always willing and eager to eat a pumpkin cookie however.

Gyp and Kaleb are really gentle with her and they know when she isn't feeling well, dogs are amazing creatures.

She still has spunky moments, loves to go for car rides and of course, cuddle. It's not a fun thing to deal with and I know it won't get better, only worse, but we have her, and we can help her, and that is enough for us.

Speaking of Seniors .... LOL

Gyp passed her St. John Therapy Dog Evaluation!! She was great, and I think she will really love visiting all of the Elderly people she will meet, I am looking forward to it too!! I was surprised at the intensity of the test, but Gyp took it all in stride, she didn't even spook at the lady with the Cane (which really surprised me), and she ran right up to the wheel chair. I can't wait for her to share her Gyppie charm with everyone!


Diana said...

I really dont know what to say excpet we are thinking of you guys. Congrats on Gyp therapy dog!! Diana

Judy said...

Thank you for the update on Jane. I am glad the meds are doing their work even though its extra work taking her out at night.

Congrats to Gyppy She will make even more people smile and feel good as a therapy dog

Jenny Glen said...

One piece of advice as she declines: when she won't eat anymore it will frustrate you - you will try to tell her that she can't live without eating. It will make you almost mad with fear. This is my advice -Don't get angry at her. You will never forgive yourself later if you do. I've seen it happen several times. Have a good cry but don't get mad at her.

miradukesadie said...
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miradukesadie said...

Hey Sarah,
You've probably gotten more advice then you want but hopefully this is useful. Lasix is super cheap in the pharmacy. I'm not sure what strength she is on but if you can get it there instead of the vet's office you will save a lot of money. Also dog doors are awesome for middle of the night pee's! Lots of love to Jane =)

Sarah said...

thanks everyone

and thanks Jenny - it is hard to see her picky, especially when she WAS a NOT picky in the least, she went from eating tripe, meat and veggies, now she is back to plain old kibble ... each day it changes!

thanks sandy ... i have bought enough lasix for the next month - but i will contact you if i need more!!!

fulltiltbcs said...

We are thinking of all of you guys, and sweet Jane. Congrats on Gyps therapy doggie status! Prayers for the little white pupper from Crackers :)

bethechange21 said...

aww, thanks for the info on Jane. She is my fave flickr dog. I love all your dogs, but Jane tugs at my heartstrings. I've been making your doggie crack recipe. Best treats ever. And when I say doggy crack both Gracie & Bella go beserk. Hugs to you and snuggles to Jane.

And congrats to Gyp! He will bring so much joy to his "patients".