Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deep thoughts ... IMAGINE that.

So I stumbled upon this quote ... I was thinking of it more on the literal meaning of it, but given more thought, it works into so many facets of my life.

"You can't depend on your eyes
when your imagination is out of focus."

This applies of course to my day job - Artist, Graphic Designer, Art & Creative Director, Photographer ... all-round creative mad-person, and odd ball. Being a creative comes from a deeper place within me, it is a part of me, and always has been, and lucky for me I was encouraged to "BE ME" from a young age. It is not about the programs I design in, the computer I work on or the fancy camera I shoot with - those are all tools to produce the end result. Without IMAGINATION, I would be left with a pile of overpriced electronics I rely on to do my job for me.

I get creative blocks, times when I can't think beyond, my brain gets tried... that is why I have outlets to recharge me and use other parts of my noggin.

Enter part 2: DOGS

Upon further obsession, I realize this quote also applies to dog training. I am an analytical person - some might want to just call it just plain, anal :) But I don't like to do things without thought or a process - what's the point?

So in training dogs - no matter what you are doing - it requires Imagination. Have you ever tried to out smart a Terrier? Think faster than a Border Collie? Or wonder what the hell is going though a Flat-coats' mind? These things take some creative thought processes and troubleshooting AKA Imagination. And if you can't look beyond what you are seeing with your eyes only, you will soon be outsmarted and stumped. Then you are left with a cute dog who's possible potential has been hindered because we can't figure them out.

This really is seems to make sense to me when we train our dogs complex "tricks" and behaviours ... like weave poles. Again, everybody is given the same tools - and in the end, all Weave poles are the same - sticks in the ground with 24" spacing, sure the methods are different, but the same end result - enter on the left (i was meaning from the point of view of the dog - they enter on their left side to be clear, meaning they have to enter on the right side of the poles, as it was pointed out) - weave the poles - exit - but it is easy to mess up any method, really. Then all you are left with a pile of PVC and steel. If you can't think beyond what you are seeing out the outmost layer visually when training your dog, and your dog keeps making the same mistake, you need to look deeper - and use your Imagination, then your eyes will begin to see things differently.

See what happens when I get a good nights sleep?


Anonymous said...

Don't dogs enter the weave poles on the right?? :)

Sarah said...

Well YES! but it is the dogs LEFT that enters them!!

... that is what i meant :)

Sarah said...

like i said - my brain thinks a little differently :P

Jenilee said...

I got it Sarah! But then again racers ONLY turn left;) lol!