Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Kaleb has had 6 weeks off Agility, and Gyp has only trained once in those 6 weeks. I needed a break mentally from training and teaching, and I think they did too - both mentally and physically. They haven't had any time off really at all this year (well except for K who had 9 weeks off earlier this summer after his surgery). It was stressful these past few weeks with Jane, so I am thankful I have ben able to spend lots of extra time with her.

Just in this last week, I was really missing agility, watching videos, seeing puppies, really made me want to get back to it. This year we are teaching 2 nights at the barn - we have 33 teams over 2 nights - amazing.

It was our first night at the Arena last night, we worked on specifics. Kaleb was a friggin' mad man, and I loved it. He had a hard time holding any sort of a start line he was so excited, but he remembered the rules and we were good to go. He ran great and had a lot of fun.

Miss Gyp was good as always. She is the kid in school that shows up for a test without studying and still aces the test, and everyone gives her dirty looks because she is a goody-two socks. It's funny, really. I worked a weave exercise and tried every possible angle, entry and distance with her, and I couldn't get her to mess up. It's nice that she understands her job I guess.

She also had a fun time catching up with all of her mooch buddies AKA jumping up on every person show might give her a treat .... and of course, they all do. Funny I would never let Kaleb get away with that, mama needs to be #1 all the time with him - it took a long time convincing ... and I KNOW Gyp loves me more than anyone ... even if she literally runs past me when I call her for the person behind me feeding their dog cheese .... but when it is work time, it is always game on with her.

We aren't trailing anymore this year, we have to miss our usual last trial of the year as we are heading out of town. I am excited for January the first trail of 2011.

But I am excited to have K entered in 6 Open trials this fall and 4 Rally Trials!!! That is the most Obedience we have ever done in our life! We are off this weekend to our first Obedience trial ... 2 Opens, 2 Rally. Should be fun!!!

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manymuddypaws said...

gyppie is gyppie- she will always do exactly what you say as long as she understands. no matter how often she is trained. :)

kaleb is special.