Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Hangover

We had an awesome time in Kimberley BC this past weekend. By far one of the most enjoyable Agility Trials. Mountains, Camping, Friends, Wine, Agility ... oooooh ya baby!

First, I have to mention how proud I am of all my friends and students. So many titles, Qs and wonderful runs. Amanda and Wicca FINALLY got the last jumpers Q for their ATCHC! Dave and Pearl earned their ATCHC, Bronze and Silver too. Check out the GDG blog for all the details and photos.

Gyp and K were entered in 6 runs. Gyp was amazing, I am so thrilled to have her running fast with no issues - I can breath when I run her now, without worrying about hurting her. She smoked all of her runs and in 6 classes Qd in all of them, with the fastest times in 5 of the 6 events she was in. K was great too - the first day we had a couple communication issues EXAMPLE: i turn, kaleb finds the line for the next 60' and keeps going ... but hey he was having fun and running fast, and that is the main thing! Sunday we pulled it together and he Qd in all 3 classes and had a great day despite the CRAZY heat.

Here are some video highlights ... I finally feel like I have my Agility mojo back and it feels great. I love this sport, I love the people in it, and most of all I love my dogs. I had so much fun this past weekend ... I like to call it an Agility hangover, I swear it was ACTUALLY from the Agility ... :)

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Stacey said...

wow - Gyp was amazing, so fast!!
Kaleb did brilliant too, bet your so proud of them!