Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am not a tourist.

Take a hike, eh?

It was Pete's birthday this weekend, and we were going to go for a hike in the mountains, but decided to do our favourite city hike that we do usually every week or so. It is about 5km and covers lots of terrain, elevation and scenery. I don't usually take photos along the way during the hike, but it was fun and opened my eyes and made me really appreciate where we live ...

Pete will be your tour guide ....

Shit. How did you convince me to do this on my birthday?

YAY we made it to the top!!

WTF?? I thought we were done!
Only 100 more stairs to go Pete ... pick up the pace buddy.

FINALLY! The view from the top. YAY we are done!!

Sorry Pete ... but we have this to conquer now ...

3km down ... 2m k to go ...

The Galt Museum ... such a gorgeous building.
Are we done yet?

Sorry Pete 1km to go .... but atleast we're going down ...

Did I mention ... more stairs?

And the last landmark ... Fort Whoop-up ... done!
Where's the Ice Cream?

Our city is awesome ... I think there are over 200km of trails, that cover all different types of terrain ... it's fun to be a tourist in your own city and take time to really enjoy the beauty of it all.


gussysmom said...

No thought of checking out the Brewery Gardens???

Shane Kent Louis said...

Woof! what a wonderful walk. the place is really relaxing.

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